No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning

No one is hiring me for cleaning after starting my company, what do I do?” You want to attract more customers to your cleaning business. But what if you have lots of leads already?
How do new business owners gain clients when they enter the house cleaning industry?

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Woman Looking at ComputerNo one is hiring me for cleaning. What on earth am I doing wrong? This is what one house cleaner had to say.

My name is Donna, I’m from Houston, Texas. My daughter and I have started our cleaning business. It’s been going for about a week now. We are getting leads, but no one is accepted our offer.

Can you please help me on what to do as far as we have to write pricing? Are we doing the right advertisements?

Starting a New Business is Exciting

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Two House CleanersNow, how exciting that you’re starting a new business. You’ve been in the business for a whole week, so there’s a bunch of exciting stuff that’s about to happen. And there are some things that you’re going to learn over the next few weeks and months that are going to help you through the hurdles that you’re experiencing right now.

Now the first thing to do is subscribe to the Ask a House Cleaner, YouTube show, because every single day we show up with new questions, like the one that you asked, and we find answers either from ourselves or from our experience or experts in the field.

And we bring those answers to you as a free way to help you grow your business.

Save as Much Money as You Can When You Start Out

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Woman Talking on Phone Looking at ComputerSo as you start out your business, you want to save as much money as possible because we have advanced training later on, but right now you will want to get all the free training. So hit the subscribe button and come back and visit us every day so we can help you grow your business.

Now having said that, it’s impossible to know why the leads are not converting. That is the term that we use when you have leads and then the people are not buying your cleaning service.

Where Are Your Leads Coming From

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Woman Talking on PhoneSo, you’ve been in the business for a week and you have leads. Where are these leads coming from? Are the leads referrals, or are the leads coming from flyers that you’ve written?

Now, I don’t know if you’ve been in the business for a week if you’ve done a lot of business. So, they’re probably not referrals. They’re probably from ads that you’re running. So, the ads are working, that’s great news.

You have leads, but somewhere between the leads and the closing of the sell, there’s a gap and you don’t know what the gap is, but we can help you fix it.

What to Consider When Running Ads

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Man and Woman Looking at ComputerFirstly, a couple of things that you might consider is this. When someone receives a flyer, and I’m guessing it’s a flyer, it might be a Facebook ad. It might be another type of ad that you’re running.

The fact that you have leads means someone is calling you or texting you and they want more information. They want more information because there is a gap somewhere and the information, they’re looking for does not exist.

So, I don’t know if that’s on your social media channels. Or if it’s on your website or even if you have a website. Or how it is that you’re getting this information to them. But the first thing they’re going to do is they’re going to look for social proof.

Social Proof

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Social ProofNow, social proof, it’s about 97% of people now do shopping online. So, when they hear something from their friends, the first thing they do is they go to their neighborhood app and they say, “Hey, so-and-so recommended this company.

Does anyone know about this company? Has anyone had experience with this company?” And they look for social proof. Now you don’t have the social proof because you’ve been in the business for one week. We’ll help you build the social proof, but right now you don’t have it.

So that’s off the table. You have to have other credentials and other reasons people would buy from you. So, people are going to go to your website, and if you don’t have a website, it’s a great idea to get one.  However, firstly set up a Facebook page.

How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Happy Woman Looking at PhoneYou can set up a business Facebook page in a few minutes and it’s absolutely free. And you can put up a picture of yourself that says, “Hey, my daughter and I are starting this house cleaning business. Here’s a picture of me. Here’s a picture of my daughter, and here’s a picture of our cleaning caddy. We’re coming to your house and this is what we look like and this is what we do.” And then you can spell out what you do.

There’s also a place on the Facebook business page for services that you offer. So, you can have all different kinds of services or you can do a couple of services, but it’s a great place to advertise your business for free.

And then when people look for you, you can say, “Oh yes, check out my Facebook business page.” You can even put that on a flyer or inside an ad. So, there are ways that you can keep those leads going.

You Want a Revolving Lead Generation Process

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Walkthrough with Mature WomanNow, I will share with you that no matter how much business you have from now through the rest of your life, as long as you’re in this business, you want a revolving lead generation process happening in your business.

You’re not going to advertise when the schedule gets full, you’re going to drop the lead generation. You want to keep generating leads over and over and over again because some people will drop off. Some people will move away. Some people will lose their jobs and they won’t be able to hire a house cleaner and you will need a constant ongoing lead generation process.

So right now, you’re doing something right because you have leads. So, don’t be discouraged and say, “Oh, Hey, I don’t know what’s wrong.” What’s right is that you have leads already in place that are calling.

You Have to Build Confidence in Customers

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Man and Woman Looking at Promotional MaterialSo, the next step is you have to get people on the same page, and build confidence that you’re the right person. You and your daughter are the right people to come clean their house. But, they don’t know that yet, and so the next thing that you have to do is ask for a walkthrough where you can go to their house.

And then, maybe you’re already doing the walkthrough, and that’s where the gap is.  Maybe, there’s a gap between the leads and the walkthrough or the walkthrough and the sale.

They’re a little bit different and they both serve different purposes. But the joy is right now you have the leads coming in, so you’re a week in.

Having Leads Gives You the Opportunity to Practice

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Happy House CleanerNow one of the great things about having leads is it gives you an opportunity to practice. And so, you can practice saying one thing,  and if it doesn’t quite work, you can tweak it a little bit at the next house. If that doesn’t quite work, you can tweak it a little bit at the next house, but you want to get as much practice as possible.

It’s like open mic night. When you show up and you have some jokes that you’ve prepared, you want to see if the audience is receptive and so you get up and you say your joke and no one laughs and you’re like, “Oh, that didn’t work, but still really pretty funny to me.” And so, you tweak it a little bit, you change the ending and you move it around in the story until finally, you get the laughs that you want.

Then you’re like, “Oh, that was awesome. That was a funny joke. It was illustrative, people remembered it. People talked about it later.” And then you use those jokes, that becomes part of what we call your set.

Open Mic Night is a Perfect Example of Sales

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Man With MicrophoneSo open mic night is a perfect example of what you do in sales and marketing. You’re going to keep tweaking and refining  your process until people look at you and they’re like, “Ha, that was so funny. Yes, I want to buy.”

And so, they have confidence in you. They like you; they trust you. They’re having fun. You’ve assured them that you are the right cleaning company. Only then are they going to buy. And if you enamored them with your presentation, then they’re going to turn around and recommend you to their friends.

Businesses Don’t Happen Overnight

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Excited WomanSo, you’ve been in the business for a week.  And remember businesses do not happen overnight. You don’t build a restaurant and then tomorrow you’re serving thousands of people. It takes a little bit of time for people to come in and find your food.

Get comfortable with your pricing, try a few different things on the menu. Tell their friends about you, bring their friends with them to your restaurant. And finally, it kind of expands and then you have a big business and you have a trail of people that are waiting down the road to get inside your doors.

It doesn’t happen overnight in the house cleaning business either. It takes a little bit of time. But, the fact that you’re in the house cleaning business because there are 74 and a half million homes in America alone is amazing. And you said you’re in Houston, Texas. So, this is an awesome place to be because there are lots of homes and there’s lots of money and lots of need for house cleaning.

You’re in the Right Place With Leads

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Two Women CleaningSo, you’re in the right place and you have leads already coming in. So, give yourself a big pat on the back, take a deep breath, come back tomorrow because we have new shows on YouTube for you tomorrow.

Go back and watch the videos that we’ve done in the past. We have over 950 videos that we have created already and they will answer a lot of your questions.

So, dive in, learn as much as you can, and don’t beat yourself up because after a week you’re going to have a lot of questions, but it takes some time.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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