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“None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview Goes Sour

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]None Ya Business, Woman With Attitude“None ya business” is an answer that can make any house cleaning job interview go sour. “But if I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and in the hiring process and a new hire answers a question with “none ya business” what do you do?”

“None ya business” is a flippant attitude that repels everyone. And you don’t want that employee mingling with your customers.” Says Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru, “or representing your company.

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“None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview Goes Sour

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Watch: “None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview Goes Sour

Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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“None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview – What Do You Do?

None Ya Business, Bratty TeenagerNone ya business. That is the true response when an employer got when she asked a new hire a question.

She’s in the middle of a job interview, she wants to hire some house cleaners. The employer has a bunch of questions and she asks a potential house cleaner a question. The girl sitting there in the interview answers with, “None ya business.” All right. 

What does that make you think of? The first thing it makes me think of is a bratty teenager. It’s the bratty teenager that rolls their eyes and like, “Whatever.” Right? 

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“None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview Goes Sour

None Ya Business, Frustrated WomanNow, if you came to my company and you answered a question with, “None ya business!” You’d be out the door. This was a legitimate question about job skills. 

If you answered it that way, I would fear you would answer my customers the same way.

If a customer asks you a question, as the employee you represent the company that you work for. 

In a job interview when you answer a question you are representing yourself. If that is how you represent yourself – I don’t want, you are representing me. 

None Ya Business! NO WAY!

None Ya Business, Sassy WomanWhether you are an employee or an independent contractor – you are your biggest selling tool. 

And so, if your answer is flippant, crude, vulgar or careless, that tells me how you’re going to treat my customers. 

In this scenario, I would show you the door and say, “We’re not a good fit for each other, and don’t let the door kick you on the way out.” 

What You’re Looking for in a New Hire

None Ya Business, Happy House CleanerSo, when you hire people, what you’re looking for is people that have good posture. 

You want to hire employees with good eye contact. You’re looking for people that are articulate in whatever language they speak. 

Reliability and a happy attitude are key.

If you hire somebody and they’re negative – you don’t want that in your workplace. 

That snarky, Negative Nelly attitude bleeds through your workforce and onto your clients.

Your Employees Represent You and Your Company

None Ya Business, Happy Guy CleaningWhoever you hire interacts with your customer. And your clients will think that everyone in your company is the same way. And so, you want to hire smart, sharp, fiery people. You want employees who are passionate about their jobs. They’re excellent house cleaners who take responsibility.

And when a customer calls and says something got skipped or something got missed, you want the employee that says:

“Oh, my goodness, how horrible. I personally am on my way over to fix that right now.” 

House Cleaners Will Spin Out on Their Own

None Ya Business, House Cleaning TeamThe exceptional house cleaners end up owning their own companies. They will go from employee to employer.

And this is the kind of business where you don’t have to work for someone else your whole life. You can spin out on your own, and you can have your own business. And the training ground is working for another company. 

I’m not encouraging that people leave and go start their own businesses. But as you’re hiring people, you must be aware they will go out and start their own cleaning company at some point.

And the person that comes in and is like, “None ya business,” they are not good employees.  They will never be in business for anyone with that kind of an attitude.

And if you hire them, you won’t be in business long. They will run your customers off with their snarky attitudes.

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