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Norwex for Professional Cleaning? Yes or No?

Can you use Norwex for professional cleaning, yes or no? Norwex has created an incredible line of cleaning supplies and products. 

Their microfiber cloths using BacLock technology are no exception and worth the hype!

 But can house cleaners take advantage of the chemical free cleaning products? Is Norwex affordable enough to use for professional cleaning?Podcast Rss Spacer Savvy Cleaner

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Norwex for Professional Cleaning

Norwex for Cleaning, Woman Wiping CounterNorwex for professional cleaning. Yes or no? We have a caller that called into the show and asked this question. “I would love to know what your thoughts are on Norwex cleaning products. I’ve been to several parties, and they promote cleaning with water, so I was wondering what your thoughts were on Norwex cleaning products.

Or if there are other similar cleaning products out there where they use water because the silver and the microfiber and the cloths pick up the bacteria and then re-purify.”

Norwex Has Been Around Since 1994

Norwex for Cleaning, Norwex Factory Norwex WebsiteNorwex is a company that’s been around since 1994. They’ve done a fantastic job, introducing no chemicals in their ingredient standards. And so, with their micro-silver microfiber cloths, which have the BacLock technology, they are able to clean with no chemicals.

Now, there will always be things that you have to use chemicals for. For example, you’re not going to be able to clean lime out of the inside of a toilet with a Norwex cleaning cloth.  So, you will still have some chemicals at some point, depending on the severity of the clean.

You won’t be able to ever clean out the inside of a burnt oven with a Norwex cloth.  So, there are different uses for a Norwex cloth, and so you have to keep that in perspective.

Norwex Cloths are Amazing

Norwex for Cleaning, Woman Cleaning Kitchen with Microfiber ClothThe Norwex cloth. I have never met a person that was not in love with the Norwex cloth.  They’re fantastic. They have a reputation that speaks for themselves.

It is based on distributor marketing, and so it’s like multilevel marketing, where people do have parties and they introduce the product to their friends. Then they hope their friends buy, and everybody along the chain makes a little bit of money.

And because it’s set up that way, it does cut out the middleman where you’re not doing advertising costs and you’re not warehousing and inventorying all those products at individual places around the country.  They’re shipped from one place.

Norwex Can be Expensive

Norwex for Cleaning, Norwex PasteThe challenge with it, though, is the cost. And so if you’re a homeowner, yes, absolutely buy your Norwex products. Use them in your home between professional house cleanings because you’re going to love the products.

But for professional house cleaners, they typically don’t use the Norwex products, and it’s not because they don’t love them, but it is a cost factor. And so, for every home that they go to, they may use many cloths to prevent cross-contamination from like the bathroom to the kitchen.

Then they go to the next house and they’re going to use a whole new set of cloths. And so, if you go to an automotive department, for example, you can buy 20 cloths for $5 of microfiber cloths.  And they’re already color-coded and all those things.

Norwex Isn’t Always the Best Financial Choice

Norwex for Cleaning, Woman Wiping TileOne or two Norwex cloths are going to cost you $20. So, where you could have 20 for the same price as you get one or two Norwex cloths, so it’s not cost-effective. It’s kind of like the difference between Mercedes and a Honda.

Then Norwex is the Mercedes and the ones that you buy in the automotive department are the Honda. Both are going to get the job done. One might do it a little bit better. It’s more expensive. It’s more prestigious.  It’s a lovely product.

They also do have a cleaning paste, which is fantastic, and house cleaners swear by it. It’s a phenomenal product, but it’s about $5 an ounce, and so it’s expensive for professional house cleaners when they could buy a concentrate that might cost them $20 and it has 128 ounces in it. So 128 ounces for 20 bucks versus $5 an ounce.  Again, the Honda and the Mercedes.

House Cleaners Probably Won’t Use Norwex Products

Norwex for Cleaning, Man and Boy CleaningSo, for house cleaners, we’re probably not going to use Norwex products inside our customers’ homes. Because of the volume that we do, and it’s cost-prohibitive to us and it’s cost-prohibitive to our clients.

But the homeowners cleaning their homes between professional cleanings, it’s highly recommended because they do have a phenomenal product line, and any time you can go chemical-free, its a good thing.

There are times you have to use chemicals. You have to use them for some really tough jobs. But once you’ve done that job, you can maintain it with a lesser chemical or with a cloth-like the Norwex cloth. So, if you’re wiping a counter, for example, it’s a damp cloth. Man, you just wipe it and you’re done. You’re good to go. So anytime you can go chemical-free, that is always a preference for your own health and well being and the longevity of your life.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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