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How to Organize Your Closet – Closet Cleaning Tips

How to organize your closet and closet cleaning tips is today’s Ask a House Cleaner focus. How to Organize your Closet, Woman on Floor of ClosetIf you’ve ever thought “Help! I need you to come clean my space or clean with me and show me how to do it.” This is for you. 

If you want to organize your closet and you plan to purge, renovate, donate and toss your stuff, these organization hacks are for you.

These closet organization diy projects will improve a large or a small closet and help you live your style. So, come along, Angela Brown will give you some closet declutter tips and closet storage tips. 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can watch this plus 400 more episodes on YouTube

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Let’s Look At How to Organize Your Closet

Your closet is a place that you visit a couple of times every day. You go in the beginning of the day when you get dressed. And you also go in at the end of the day when you take your clothes off and get ready for bed.

Have a System for Laundry to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize your Closet, Black White BinsInside your closet, there should be some form of a laundry system. It can be a laundry hamper or laundry baskets.

If you’re lucky and you have enough space, you will have two laundry baskets. One can be for light and one for dark clothes.

As you take those clothes off, they go in one of the two respective laundry bins. So, if you sort them as you go, you’re saving a step, and that falls into our one-touch program.

A Space for Everything Will Help Organize Your Closet

How to Organize your Closet, Shirts in ClosetAnother thing that I might recommend is that you have a space for everything. This is one of the most important closet organization tips.

And by that, I mean group all your like items together.

So, for example, all your pants would be in one spot. All your shorts would be in one spot. All your short sleeve shirts would be in one spot. And all your tankinis would be in one spot.

Use Felt Hangers to Organize Your Closet

Organize Your Closet with velvet coat hangersAs you remove items from your closet, and you rehang them, I recommend using felt hangers. The reason for this is, stuff won’t slide. 

Things seem to slide right off hangers made of metal or plastic. There are some plastic hangers that have a hook or a bump to prevent this from happening.

I recommend felt hangers. You waste time putting things on the hangers more than once. And you don’t want to keep having to pick things up to rehang. You do not want to duplicate your work over and over again. 

Use Single Non-Slip Pants Hangers To Organize Your Closet

Organize your closet with non-slip pant hangersHave you considered a different type of hanger for your pants? I hang my pants up as soon as my pants come out of the wash. 

I fold them by the crease of the seam and I hang them up this way I don’t have to iron them. It’s my preference to put one pair of pants hanging on each pant hanger.

Different Style Pant Hangers

How to Organize your Closet, Multi Pants HangerThey do have hangers that have many slots on them for many pairs of pants. And I’ve tried those over the years but I don’t find them effective.

I have found that they’re too hard to use.  It’s too hard to get the other pants to slide in there. And after a while, you end up with just one pair of pants on this big rack. 

The single hangers seem to work best for me. They grip your pants so that your pants don’t slide off either. So again, you want a system that works.

Use a Set of Drawers or Stackable Bins

How to Organize your Closet, Socks in DrawerYou will need either a dresser or a set of plastic bins in your closet for storage. You can put your panties and socks and things like that in the drawers. As well as winter gloves or hats or mittens. Also, you’ll need a place for things like purses, handbags, scarves, jewelry etc.

I do not have a dresser so I use plastic stackable bins. I fold all the clothes on the bed and I put them all back in the laundry basket. Then I go inside the closet and I take all the lids off and I put the panties in one and the socks in another. I put different stuff in different bins.

My Closet Organization isn’t Fancy – But it Works

Organize your closet with stackable binsClear stackable bins are not fancy, and you won’t see a closet like mine on Pinterest – but it’s a practical approach and I can see through the clear bins.

I use different size stackable bins for different things. I have an industrial steel shelving unit that holds all the stackable bins. In the bins I keep socks, panties, bras, footies, hats & gloves, work clothes and then there are places on the shelves for other stacks of clothing like jeans, sweaters and folded tee shirts.

Put Everyday Clothes in the Front   

How to Organize your Closet, Clear Totes in ClosetI wear lots of blue shirts, I wear them every day in fact. Woohoo! And so, my secret to success is to put these at the front of the closet. You want everything that you wear on an everyday basis at the front of the closet where they are easy to find.

The stuff that you don’t wear often should be further back. These are special occasion dresses, suits, dressy or party clothes and ugly Christmas sweaters that you only wear at Christmas. 

Use Clothes Protectors or Plastic Sleeves

How to Organize your Closet, Clear Dustbags in ClosetSpecial event clothing and suits you don’t wear often can be kept in clothing protectors or plastic sleeves to prevent dust from collecting on them. 

When the air conditioning kicks on it blows dust around your house, even if you have a clean house. And you don’t want to have to stop and wipe off all the dust from your clothes when you decide to wear them.

Use Over the Door Hooks Help Organize Your Closet

How to Organize your Closet, Shirts in ClosetWhat do you do with your towel when you get out of the shower? 

I’m a big fan of over the door hooks. I can hang my towel back on the hook and use it a few more times before I wash it.  If I just got out of the shower, I’m clean. My towel is clean, it’s a little bit damp, but it will dry out.

So, I hang it on a hook that’s on the back of the door. That way, I can reuse it again and it’s dry by the next time I take my next shower. So, there’s another hint for you, use over the door hooks for towels, bathrobes and frequently used items.

Use an Over the Door Shoe Rack

I use a shoe rack on the back of my closet door. This gives me a place for my shoes and slippers. So, when I go in my closet I don’t have shoes and sandals strewn all about the closet.

I’ve freed up the floor space and I don’t see them except when I need them, nor am I tripping over them. The over the door shoe rack conserves space and keeps the floor space tidy.

Over the Door Racks Are Helpful in Airbnb’s Too

How to Organize your Closet, Shirts in ClosetIn an Airbnb, you want to make sure that you have closet space for your guests. If you don’t have closets that are available, over the door racks are awesome.

They can hang a hanger, a coat, or towels on the hooks. This way, things don’t end up on the floor and being in their way during the vacation.

So, I recommend over the door racks. They are inexpensive, they are effective and a great way to use vertical space when organizing a closet.

Keep Your Ironing Board in Your Closet If You Have Room

How to Organize your Closet, Ironing Board in ClosetAnother tip is to keep your ironing board in your closet if you have the space to do it. I do have a big walk-in closet, so I keep it in there. My ironing board plugs right around the corner into the bathroom and I just do my ironing right there.

I also use the ironing board as a table. So, if there’s laundry that I need to fold or put away, I can put in on the ironing board while I sort it out. And then I can turn around and put the clothes away.

I do leave the ironing board out at all times so it’s ready to iron my husband’s clothes each morning.

Create a System to Organize Your Closet     

How to Organize your Closet, Organized Closet with BinsYou don’t need to be a professional organizer. You just need to create a closet system that’s easy to use and maintain.

If it’s not easy and it’s not efficient, it’s just a waste of time.

So, you want to create a space that works for you and helps you stay clean, tidy, and organized and these tips will help you get there.

I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions in the section below.

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