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Organizing – Why is it So Important?

Organizing system to improve your productivity. Want one? Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says organizing your life is a state of mind.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner she offers tips on cleaning and organizing your personal space. Create a place for everything and put everything in its place.

Disorganized people have frustration, depression, and anxiety derived from their cluttered lifestyles.

Organizing promotes a balance and harmony that reduces chaos and helps reduce stress. Can’t find what you need? It’s time to get organized.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Organizing – Why is it So Important?

 Today’s question comes from a homeowner whose house seems disorganized. She asks, “What is the big deal about organization? Who cares about organizing and why is organizing so important?”

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Answer: Organizing – Why is it So Important?

Well, that’s a great question. And it comes down to this: organizing is a state of mind.

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Organization (or Lack Thereof) Is a Mindset

When you have organization in your life, you are in a different mindset than the alternative.

When you are disorganized, a lot of things creep up on you that you never intended. And things get out of hand. 

And so instead of having a place for everything, stuff starts creeping into piles. Stuff gets strewn about. Stuff gets left around.

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Disorganization Decreases Your Efficiency and Productivity

When you need something you can’t find it. Ewww! I hate when that happens.

Okay, so the first thing is state of mind. When you’re disorganized there’s a tendency to feel frustrated. Frustrated because you can’t find what you need when you need it.

Frustrated because you know you need to stop and put stuff away and yet you haven’t done it.

And so there comes as guilt trip that gets tackled on top of the frustration and the anxiety. This comes along with all the clutter and disorganization and living in a messy house.

Organization Increases Your Efficiency and Productivity

Organizing home office makes trendy man productive

Now, when you are productive and efficient you are confident. And you feel good because you are accomplishing things.

So, organizing is important. Because it saves a lot of time when you can find things. 

It also allows preparation to meet opportunity. For example, let’s say that your toilet seat slid off and the bolts need fixing.

If nothing has a home, you spend about 20 minutes looking for a screwdriver to screw those bolts back on.

If everything has a place,  you can go straight out to your garage. And open up your toolbox to pull out the screwdriver. You can come in the house and have it fixed within about a minute and a half.

That just saved you a whole bunch of time. That’s where productivity comes in.

Efficiency Can’t Be Beat

Organizing man with box in warehouse

Also, when you’re organized there’s an efficiency that can’t be beaten by anything else.

Let’s say that you’re going to go grocery shopping. And you have a shopping list of all the things you’re going to buy. Yay! That’s an organized activity. Having a shopping list of the things you’re going to buy helps you to be efficient. 

What If the Grocery Store Wasn’t Organized? 

Organizing boxes on tile floor

What happens when you get to the grocery store and nothing is where it should be?

Instead of aisles with labels overhead telling you what it there, you have just big boxes of stuff on the floor?

There is nothing that tells you where the chips are or the cereal. No aisles tell you where the cleaning supplies or yogurt is. 

There are no shelves or signs or labels. There is no organization whatsoever. It just looks like a big warehouse with stuff on the floor. 


Groceries Strewn About

So you can see some cereal poking out of one. And you can see some spaghetti sauce poking out of another. And you can see a frozen container here that has an ice cream or something and it but nothing has labels.

It’s just a whole bunch of different varieties of stuff in there.

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Possible, but More Difficult Than Necessary

How would you get all the things on your list? You might be able to, but it would be like a treasure hunt! And you would spend a lot of time trying to sort through stuff. 

How do you price compare? How would you know if this is the brand that you wanted?

And are you going to sit there and read labels out of every box? Or are you just scrambling to try to sort of, kind of, find the right thing?

The Same Thing Goes for Our Lives

House in organizing mode, shoes on rack

So, with our lives, everything organized has a system to it. And it’s in harmony, and it creates a balance, and it reduces chaos, and it reduces stress.

So, if you have a choice why would you choose a chaotic lifestyle, when you can choose one that’s organized?

A Dining Room Table is for Eating

Friends at table watching this tipFor example, a dining room table is for serving food. That’s what it’s designed to do. It’s a gathering spot where your family meets and enjoys meals. 

But if you’re using that as just a clutter bin, you will bring in all your mail and pile it on the table. Everything that comes in your house will just get chucked on there.

Your dining room table becomes something else. It is not used for its original purpose. 

Your Bed is for Sleeping

Man passed out in messy house that needs organizing

If you just yank off your clothes and throw them on your bed, you can’t get into it that night. The bed is designed for comfortable sleep, it is not for holding piles.

You won’t get a good night sleep if your bed is full of stuff. There will be no room for you to get in your bed if you have piles of things on top. 

So you say, “Well, I throw them all off before I get into bed.” So now they all go on the dirty floor, or land in the bathroom? That is your solution?

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The Bathroom Is Not a Laundry Room

Unless you have a washing machine and a dryer inside your bathroom, the bathroom is not a laundry room. Even if you do, you should have a designated hamper for dirty clothes. 

Your bathroom is for taking showers and getting dressed. It is to put your makeup on and to use the facilities. That’s what that’s designed to do.

You can’t use it for what it is actually for if you are tripping over stuff. 

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The Laundry Room Is for Washing Clothes

This is where you wash clothes and sort clothes.  You pull out the spray and spray the little stains and stuff like that on your clothes.

That’s what the purpose of this room is. Your laundry room is not a garage. If you bring things in from the car or the garage, they do not belong in the laundry room. That laundry room would not be fulfilling its purpose.

So when you start using things for the intended purpose, it creates harmony and balance in your life.

Organization of Your Home Transfers to Other Areas of Your Lifehome office needs organizing

One last parting thought on organizing.

Organization of your home transfers into other areas of your life. This is why it’s important, to have an organizing system in your home and your life.

If you have a disorganized house, it is likely that you have other areas that are chaos as well. Maybe, for example, your finances are in disarray. 

Organizing Your Finances

Cancel On Your Cleaner, Pile of Past Due BillsWhen those bills come in they go on the kitchen table. Then they don’t get read, and they don’t get paid.

And stuff gets cut off because you didn’t pay the bill. And now there are late fees because the bills were not paid on time.  

This costs more money to fix these problems. 

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Financial Disorganization Leads to Unpaid Bills 

Family Support man paying family billsI’ll be a little bit more specific. Let’s say for example, that your power bill costs $50. And because it’s sitting on the kitchen table, you didn’t pay it. Now they cut off the electricity.

Or the check that you sent them for fifty bucks bounced. It bounced because you didn’t make sure that you had enough money in the bank to cover it. So your $50 check ended up turning off your electricity.

Now, you’ve got to have electricity so you can charge your phones and so that you can cook your meals. You need it so that you can access the internet. You need it for all these things. 

Financial Disorganization Leads Paying More


Bounced check needs organizing skills for financesBut now you’ve got to go to the extra trouble because you’re disorganized. You’ve got to go to the extra trouble to go find a friend who can loan you the money.

Here is the catch. They’re not just loaning you the $50. $50 is not enough anymore. This disorganization mistake is now costing you more money.

Let’s do the math.There’s a $50 fee which was the original price of your electric bill. There’s a $45 bounced check fee from your bank. There’s a $45 bounced check fee from the electrical company. And a $30 late fee from the electrical company.

And so now it’s going to cost you $170 where before it would have only cost $50.

So, it costs much more money if you are not organized and don’t pay your bills on time and not have systems in place.

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Financial Disorganization Leads to Unnecessary Stress

young man is angry by texting sessionSo the power was cut off and your bills are falling behind. The bill collectors are calling you. This creates a lot of stress.

Along with the stress comes anxiety and guilt and all those other things.

So, what is so important about organizing?

Can I just say everything? Everything.

It is so important. It’s a way to live that creates systems that make your life easy and effortless.

Alrighty, so that’s my tip for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place, and a more organized place, than you found it. 

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