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Part Time Expert – Should I Tell?

Part time expert or hack? A guy owns a business designing websites and moonlights as a house cleaner on the side. Can he bill himself as a part time expert or must he disclose to clients he’s got two jobs?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at entrepreneurs who wear lots of hats. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “Yes, be a part time expert. Clients hire you for solutions for a clean home. They don’t want to know that you have another job.” 

Divulging too much dilutes your authority and reduces your expertise. Be a Savvy Cleaner and be the expert of that window of your life.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Part Time Expert

Now, today’s question comes from a house cleaner who owns a website design business. And he cleans houses part-time. And he wants to know: “Do I need to disclose to my clients that I actually have a website design business on the side and that I’m only cleaning houses part time?”

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Answer: Part Time Expert

Alright, I love this question in the answer is no you do not.

Lots of House Cleaners Have Other Jobs Part Time Expert Employee Benefits

There are a lot of house cleaners that are legitimate business owners of part time cleaning companies. They have bonding and insurance and business cards and regular work hours.

And then they have another job that provides them paid vacations and health benefits. And some of the things that a part-time house cleaning job does not provide.

So, if you decided that you’re only going to clean houses part time, be a part time expert in your field.

Be a Part Time Expert of House Cleaning Part Time expert working on laptop

Your cleaning clients pay you to be house cleaning expert. And to provide solutions for a clean home. That’s what they’re paying you for.

So, when you show up you want a guide the conversation to the expertise that you bring for house cleaning.

The conversation about you designing websites has nothing to do with this conversation. So, I would completely leave the web design part of your life at home.

You’re a Part Time Expert For Two Hours 

Part time expert is a dad with child

Now the reality is, you’re at a customer’s house to clean for two hours. (It could be three or four hours, but in this example, we’ll say two.)

There are twenty-two other hours left in your day.

During those other twenty-two hours, you might play in a band.

Maybe you are busy with church.
You might be a Dad.

Or you might be the cool neighbor that has cookouts.

You might have another web design business or something else. We all wear a lot of hats on any given day.

 People Hire You As the Cleaning Expert 

Part Time Expert Has 24 hours in a day

And so, the person that’s hiring you to be a house cleaning expert, is not expecting that you only clean houses. I mean they hired a human. Humans have lots of different interests, lots of different hobbies, and lots of different skills. And sometimes other businesses. And so, when you show up to their house, just show up and focus on wearing the hat of house cleaning.

That’s the only conversation that you should have with this customer. They don’t want to know that you also design websites.

Because that dilutes your power. It dilutes your authority. It reduces your expertise in their mind. “Oh, he’s a guy that just sort of kind of knows a little bit about house cleaning.”
No.  When you show up, you want to be the cleaning expert. You want to arrive with confidence and project: “This is what I’m doing during this window of my life.”

Be The Expert of That Window of Your Life Part time expert compartmentalizes businesses

And then when you go to work for your website design customers don’t mention house cleaning. They are hiring you as the expert of web designs. They’re not hiring you to clean toilets. And they don’t want to think of you that way. They want to assume you know all things about web design.

And so, you want to keep those businesses and conversations with your clients separate.

When you’re talking to the customer that’s hired you for house cleaning, you’re the house cleaning expert.

And when you’re talking to your customer that has hired you for designing websites, you are the expert of web designs. 

When you are spending time with your kids – be the expert on parenting. You get the idea.

Part Time Expert Designs WebsitePart Time Expert – No One Needs To Know

And so just keep them separate and like I said, you don’t have to tell anyone. No one needs to know. It’s better off if they don’t know.

And that will help you keep your vision of what you’re doing separate as well. Be the expert 

Alrighty, so that’s my two cents for today. And until we meet again leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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