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Party Cleaning with a House Cleaner @SavvyCleaner

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Clients outsource party pre-cleaning to the house cleaner

Getting a house cleaning client ready for a party is no small chore, but it can be done efficiently if both the house cleaner or maid, and the home owner are organized.

To make the party come off without a hitch, it is important to follow these simple steps.

  1. Decide if the pre-cleaning and party prep will be done during a routine cleaning session– and if the answer is yes, decide what routine tasks in the home can be postponed this cleaning, to allow for more time with the cleaning and party essentials.

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  1. Decide with your client if you will strictly be cleaning, or will other party related tasks such as decorating, and running errands be required. (If you charge by the hour, and you are an independent house cleaner or maid, you may want to make extra time available to the client for additional tasks, and even attending/serving/assisting at the party itself. Think clearing dishes from guests, serving guests, keeping toilet paper stocked, bathrooms tidied, garbage cans emptied, drinks stocked, party platters stocked, directing guests, cleaning up broken dishes or spilled mishaps etc.)


  1. Be clear up front how much time/money will be required for the pre-cleaning and party help so you don’t run up hours that the client wasn’t budgeting for.


  1. What time of the day will the party take place? This is important because daylight at a party will change the priorities of some tasks – For example, if the party takes place during the day – all the windows in the downstairs will need to be cleaned and the yard and landscaping will take priority over a party that starts after dark.


  1. Make a party to-do list with the client so you both can check things off the list as you to do list Savvy Cleaner


  1. Determine “hot” areas in the home. These are areas where guests will be spending the most time. (Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Back deck, Sunroom, bathrooms, front entry, etc.)


Hot areas can be determined by pretending you are the guest. Start outside on the curb where you will be parking. From the guest’s view, what do you see? Are there weeds that need to be pulled? Trees that need to be trimmed? A sidewalk leading to the house that needs to be swept? Are the outside lights at the front door, and windows surrounding the front door that need to be cleaned?

Step inside and look around inside the front entry. Does the chandelier above the entry need to be cleaned? How about the stairs and railing? Are the cobwebs hanging from the coat rack? And is the coat closet clean enough to hold a few guest coats?

As you walk in the house pay attention to all of the areas that a guest will see (fingerprints, smudges, dead plant leaves, dust, jumbled bookshelves, dusty items above the cupboards or on top of the fridge) – these are the “hot” areas.

The fridge, freezer and pantry will all be used during the party – so they all need to be cleaned out, sanitized and stocked properly. You want to make sure you have room for the party food – and leftovers.

coffee party bar Savvy CleanerCheck out the bathrooms, medicine cabinets, and vanities, are there junk or sensitive items that should be stashed out of sight or reach of small children?

  1. Divide the tasks between the client and the house cleaner so you both know who is doing what. You don’t want to spend all afternoon polishing hanging pots in the kitchen if the home owner did it the night before.


  1. Consolidate tasks so you’re doing laundry at once, vacuuming the floors all at once etc. This will save cleaning time by streamlining efforts, supplies and energy, and still allow time for specialty cleaning. (Specialty cleaning includes washing all glassware or polishing silver that may have turned dusty in a china cabinet.)


  1. Decide with the home owner if valuables, heirlooms and other precious items that cannot be replaced if bumped or broken, can be moved to a safe place. This is also the time to plan your decorations and ambiance. Will there be candles or centerpieces? Where will they go and does space need to be cleared for them?


  1. The bulk of the cleaning can be done in advance of the party but there will be some last minute touch ups. If you’re like me, when you entertain, your kitchen starts out clean but as you’ve been cooking in it all day, the counters, fridge, dishwasher and floor all need a good touch up within an hour of the guests arriving. If you shoot for completion two hours prior to the party, the host will still have plenty of time to shower, change clothes and be relaxed when the guests arrive.


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