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Party Help – Can I Hire My Maid?

Party help is as close as your housekeeper or maid. Lots of house cleaners moonlight planning parties and are a good extra pair of hands to help with a party.  Whether you’re celebrating a graduation or birthday consider your cleaner for party help. 

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at tasks besides cleaning you can expect when you hire a Savvy Cleaner.  Decorator, to food prep, cleaning, hostessing and more party help.  Maids clean up after the party as well.  Check out today’s tips before you throw your next big party or try to do it all yourself.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Party Help – Can I Hire My Maid?

Today’s question comes from a homeowner who wants to hire her house cleaner to help out with an upcoming party that she’s going to be hosting at her house. And she asks “What do I need to know in order to hire the housecleaner? And what kind of tasks should I expect her to be able to do for party planning and me hosting a party? About how much should I expect to pay?

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Answer: Hiring Your Maid or House Cleaner for Party Help is an Excellent Idea

Party help - calendar with party dateSo those are excellent questions, and we’re going to try to wrap this all up in a little bundle here. But the truth is, house cleaners are excellent people to hire for when you’re hosting a party because they already know your house.

You already trust this person inside your house and with all of your belongings. And they know where you keep all your stuff. 

Your maid knows your sensibilities and how you run your household and they kind of have a feeling for your budget. So, as they help you plan this party and help you pull this party off, they’re going to be as conservative as you are because they respect your home and the way that you operate.

So, it’s an excellent choice and I’m thrilled that you’re thinking of your housecleaner, or your maid, or your housekeeper, as the person that’s going to be helping you with your party.

Before You Hire Party Help – Clear it With Their Supervisors

Now as a homeowner there’s one request that I have a right up at the very front of this conversation.Party help - two professionals discussing hired help

And that is, if your maid works for a company or a franchise, for example, The Cleaning Authority, Jani-Pro or Molly Maids, something like that, that you would go to their supervisor first.

And that you would request that specific person for a side job because you don’t want to put your maid in a position of conflict with their boss where they’re doing side work that their boss doesn’t know about.

So, you want to get clearance from the boss up front and just say “Listen I love Jenny, she’s an amazing housecleaner and I would like to hire her for a side project. A one-time project to help me plan a party and pull it off at my house would that be okay or is there a conflict of interest?”

And they might say yes that’s perfectly fine because this is a moonlighting job on the side so this is a separate job for Jenny that does not fall under the regular category of maid service.

But because Jenny knows your house and all these things your family your pets she’s a perfect choice for you. But you want to clear it with her supervisor first, just so that there are no conflicts. And if it gets back to the supervisor that Jenny did this party you don’t want her to get reassigned to a different house and then never come back and be your maid again. Right?

So, you want to clear that up front.

Ask Your Housekeeper for Party Help Ideas, Decorations, Planning Etc.

Okay, now that you’ve cleared it up front and the boss said yes, it’s okay that Jenny can come to your house and she can help you with the party. Party help - two women hanging a birthday banner

Jenny has a lot of sensibilities. She works in people’s homes every day so she has a certain set of organization skills, so I would bring her in as early as the party planning,

And say “Hey, can you help me with the decorations?” These are some of the chores you can expect from her or you can bundle together in your offer to her when you ask her if she can help you with your party.

“I’ve got a lot of decorations that I’m going to put up. I was thinking about putting these up here, I was thinking about putting these over here. Out in the front yard I was going to have some balloons that lead at the sidewalk…”

You want to lay all of that stuff out so that in her mind she can budget how much time it’s going to require to help with the decorating of the party.

Party Help Includes Cleaning and Getting The House Ready

Party help - woman cleaning living roomShe already knows what you’re going to need as far as the house cleaning goes. Party help - cleaning sunroomSo, before the party, she may want to come in and focus on the rooms that are going to be used for the party. It’s going to be your living room, your dining room if you have a Butler’s Pantry or a Baker’s area.

There will be people milling about having drinks in that area. So, you want to make sure that area is all polished up, and that your coffee bar or your drink bar is all nicely…

All the bottles are wiped down. There’s no dust. They have plenty of glasses that are laid out all of these things.

And so, she can help you with that your kitchen area. Even if you have a sunroom, or you have a back patio area, those areas are also going to need to be freshened up so that those will be welcoming to your guests. And she can help you with that as well.

Party Help Means Getting Outdoors Areas Presentable Too

Party Help - Gas Blower to Clean Off Decks, Patios, Outdoor Living AreasNow, Party help - outdoor patio cleaningif you have yard equipment this is something she can use. She might actually have her own. I know that a lot of the people in my company we always had a gas blower, and so for parties and extra projects we would blow off people’s sunrooms. Or sun porches that have the screened-in, areas but that would catch a lot of pollen and stuff like that.

I know that a lot of the people in my company we always had a gas blower, and so for parties and extra projects we would blow off people’s sunrooms. Or sun porches that have the screened-in, areas but that would catch a lot of pollen and stuff like that.

So, it was one of the tools that we carried in our vehicles so that we were able to clean off apartment patios and sunrooms and stuff like that so she might be able to help you with that as well. But any areas that the guests are going to be in during your party you want to freshen those up the day before or the day of the party just so that they are ready to rock and roll.

Bathrooms Need Lots Of Party Help TLC

Now in your bathrooms, you want to make sure that all of the bathrooms that you’re going to allow your guests to use are available for the guests. Party help - bathroom cleaning

And with that, you want to wipe everything down make sure everything is sanitized and then there’s plenty of tissue and toilet paper inside those restrooms. Because you’ll go through lots of toilet paper if you have lots of guests.

During the party, you’re going to need somebody to come in and freshen up those bathrooms and make sure that the towels haven’t fallen on the floor. Or the people have wiped their nose and just thrown the tissue on the floor. You’re going to want to maintain those bathrooms throughout the party.

And a lot of people wash their hands and they get stuff all over the mirrors. Those can be wiped down. Jenny can help you with those things.

Your Maid Can Be Party Help & Hostess

Party help - Housekeeper as HostessSo, during the party you want her to be on site during the party as well, and this literally means she’ll bring a party dress with her. After she does all the housecleaning she may dive into one of your bathrooms, take a quick shower, freshen up, do her hair, put on a party dress and she can be the hostess for your party.

And so, at the last minute, and this happens in every party –  you don’t want this to happen, but it does.

The host of the party, the person whose house it’s at, at the last minute, they’re in the bathroom getting ready because they’ve been working all day. Their hair has been up in a bun, there are messy clothes… now they’re trying to get ready themselves for the party and the doorbell rings and the guests arrive.

Jenny can be the person that invites your guests in, welcomes them, and “Can I get you a seat? Can I get you a drink?” Makes them feel at home until you come downstairs and you’re ready for the party.

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Once Your Guests Arrive The Party Is In Full Swing

Now, once your guests start arriving, the doorbell is going to keep ringing. Jenny can stand at the door and she can welcome guests. And she’s now the hostess. “Hey, I’m so glad you can make it to the party, come on in, let me get you a drink…” and she can introduce them to the other guests she’s just met.

So, she’s playing hostess for a minute. After everybody gets settled and the party gets started, she can also be the person that makes sure that all the party and platter trays are filled.

So, as you start to run low on something she can restock the supplies of those things whether they’re drinks, whether it’s coffee, whether you need more water in your Keurig machine, whether you need more shrimp on your shrimp platter, any of those things.

So, she’s just kind of a background help that’s assisting, that’s not making a big scene. She’s not wearing a butler’s outfit or anything, but she’s helping out with the party.

Then during the party, she’ll check the bathrooms and make sure that everything is wiped up. And that there’s plenty of toilet paper on hand when the party is over.

When The Party Is Over – There Is Still Work To Be Done

Party help - Maid cleans up after partyWhen the party is over and you go to bed, Jenny can stay there. Change back into her regular clothes and she can put all the food away. These are in small airtight containers with a Snap-On Lids or Zip Lock bags.

She knows your home and the way that you store things. So she can put those, and pack those in your fridge. Jenny can wash the dishes and sweep the floor.  She can pick up crumbs and things that have fallen, maybe food has fallen on the floor.

She can pick up and clean up all of that stuff in a brief… it’s not going to be a full house cleaning, but it’s going to be a brief cleanup of the party.

Make sure that there are no chairs that are tipped over.  (I don’t know how Rowdy your guests are.) But she can put everything back to where it was.  Tomorrow you can go about living your regular life.

So, you’ve gone to bed because you’ve got work to do tomorrow. She stays for an extra hour or two after the party is over, then she goes home. And you wake up tomorrow and it’s like you never had a party.

That is the benefit of having a housekeeper,  come to your house and host and clean up after your party.

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What Do You Pay Your House Cleaner for Party Help?

So, what do you want to pay this person? What you want to pay this person is pretty consistent to what you pay them for housecleaning.

So, let’s just say for example that you paid $400 for 4 hours of cleaning. (That’s a little high, but we’ll just use that as an example.) Let’s say for this party it’s going to be a six-hour party. The six hours at $100 per hour – would be 6 hours = $600.

So, it would be whatever that price is –  about the same consistent rate. If you break it down by the hour it’s going to be about that same consistent rate. That’s what you would pay for party help. So, if you only pay $50 an hour and you have her there for 6 hours it would be $300.

Does that make sense? 

You’ll want to make it fair to her and make it worth her time. Because she still has to get up tomorrow and she still has to go clean houses. And so, if she’s doing a side project, it is extra money for her.  And if you’re having a party, an extra set of hands is worth every penny.

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So, there you go. That is my tip for today. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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