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Have you downloaded any free podcasts lately?

By Angela Brown

Podcasts. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s been said that you are the sum total of the 5 people you hang out with the most.

As a provider of house cleaning services, you often hang out alone, and unless you want to become who you are x 5 (LOL just kidding) you had better find some new ideas and new energy to latch on to.

Due to the nature of running a cleaning service, you are in your car driving to and from work, you are moving around while you work, and instead of thinking stinking thoughts about your relatives or your clients – you can be listening to podcasts. Fill your mind with spectacular ideas that will change your very outlook on life. You can get an entire education while working on the job and no one is the wiser.

What is the Best Podcast for a House Cleaner?

It is whatever motivates, inspires, educates, or entertains you. There are no “right or wrong” podcasts to listen to – but while driving or working, avoid video podcasts, or podcasts that have soothing sounds that will put you to sleep. Instead choose serial podcasts that tell a story, or continue the education process, something upbeat that makes you work faster while listening.

Here is my list of top business/motivation/marketing podcasts that I listen to in my car on my way to the gym, to work, or while I’m house cleaning.Podcasts that Angela Brown listens to while house cleaning

Podcasts are full of so much information that was once only available to the elite, the rich, and the super famous – and now it’s available to us free through a free podcast app on our phone.

If you don’t have a podcast app, you can find one at iTunes or Stitcher.

You don’t need to create two libraries, just choose method and download the podcast app.

* Do a search for the topic, or a series of topics, that interests you and simply click on the subscribe button. It’s that easy. Every time there is an update, or new episode released, it automatically downloads the new podcasts into your smart phone. When the podcast is finished playing, the podcast app automatically starts the next podcast in your personal library so you don’t have to stop working, or stop driving to choose something new to listen to. Cool huh?

I simply wear Bluetooth wireless earphones (found here on Amazon.com) and these particular head phones also have a microphone built in so if you get a call while working, you can take it without taking your phone out of your pocket. Hands free – you can keep right on working. The podcast automatically pauses while the phone call cuts in.

I’m now the equivalent of 5 people (whose podcasts I listen to) that I’ve never met. WOOHOO!

What will you listen to and who will you become?




Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Angela Brown’s Favorite Podcast List

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