Bagless Upright Vacuums

Bagless upright vacuums, are they better? Want to get one but are still not sure if you should. Here are a few benefits of getting a bagless vacuum

Benefits of Bagless Upright Vacuums

One of the benefits of going bagless is saving money. Here you will see how and other benefits.
  • Suction – There is less loss of suction with a bagless vacuum. A vacuum that has a bag loses suction as the bag fills up. Suction remains constant with a bagless unit and you can see when it needs to be emptied out.
  • Easy to Empty – When the canister is full you remove it and empty it out, it’s that simple. You can also wash or replace the filter when needed. This helps to keep the vacuum cleaner and last longer. If allergies concern you, many of the bagless units have HEPA filtration built in for a minimal allergic reaction when cleaning out the canister.
  • No Bags – With the bagless units you won’t need to replace the bags. You don’t have to struggle to remove them or worried about the bag breaking and spilling all the dirt all over the place. You save time by not having to remove and replace the bag. And you also save money since you don’t have to buy any bags for your unit.

Bagless units give you the satisfaction of seeing your work. Plus if you suck anything up by mistake you can probably see it right away, instead of having to open up a vacuum bag and search thru it.

There are many benefits of going bagless, but you still need to pick the right option for your home needs. My Cleaning Connection has several options for you to choose from…happy vacuum shopping!

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