Repeat Business Inc: The Business of Staying in Business


Repeat Business Inc

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Repeat Business Inc and Customer Loyalty are the difference between success and failure.

Repeat Business Inc: The Business of Staying in Business

With today’s unprecedented ability to access information across the globe, consumers can read about others’ experiences and give feedback of their own in an instant. 

There are critical areas such as exceptional customer service, outstanding communication skills, the right attitude, and a reputation for consistency. These are the backbone of your business and the key factors in measuring your future success. 

What are your customers saying about you? Paul Rutter gives you essential tools that focus on providing service to keep your customers coming back again and again. If every customer interaction is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship, how are you stacking up against your competition?

About the Author

Paul Rutter is an expert in creating the experience of a lifetime. Over the past three decades as a Senior Executive, Paul has managed and guided hospitality teams all over the globe, where living with his customers, clients, and co-workers is a way of life.
His time on the high seas working on the world’s most luxurious cruise liners has taught him that through approaching customer service with the intent to exceed his customer’s expectations, rather than just meet them, creates higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and repeat business.
Through teaching his audience to stop viewing “perfect” as an end goal, and instead see it as a starting line, Paul takes a customer interaction and makes it the experience of a lifetime.

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