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Ratings and Reviews for House Cleaners

Ratings and reviews for house cleaners are a legitimate way to drive business to your door. Ratings and reviews are the social proof and validation that backs up word of mouth referrals.

Today we Ask a House Cleaner how to get use a QR code to get ratings and reviews. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a savvy cleaner can get customer feedback to market your cleaning business.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Ratings and Reviews for House Cleaners

 Today’s question is a great one. How are ratings and reviews different from customer surveys? And how do you get customers to give you ratings and reviews? 

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Carpet Cleaning, Ratings and Reviews, HouseCleaning360Answer: Ratings and Reviews for House Cleaners

Now today’s show is brought to us by is a referral database of home service providers that are like carpet cleaners, and painters, and pressure washers, and people that clean your swimming pool. People that service the home.

All right, and they are a perfect sponsor for us today because they specialize in ratings and reviews.Swimming Pool Cleaning, Ratings and Reviews, HouseCleaning360

A rating and review are different from a customer survey in this sense.

Customer Survey

Ratings and Reviews one to one, one to many

A customer survey is where you ask the customer what can I do to improve? Usually, you ask that on your initial walkthrough with a customer.

Then you also ask them as you go along in your career. 

You don’t send them official customer survey because most customers don’t fill them out. But you do ask them, “If there’s one thing I could do to improve, what would that one thing be?”

You ask them one question at a time. Then you improve on that one thing, and then you come back and give them feedback. “Hey, I just wanted to check in with you and see, we’ve adjusted this one that you recommended. Is there anything else you recommend?”

They might say, “Well yeah, there’s one other thing.”

Then you keep having them give you one other thing until the customer is completely satisfied.

But the customer review lets them know you heard and that you care.

The Difference Between Customer Surveys and Ratings and Reviews

Man with 5 stars making ratings and reviewsInstead of you asking them, and them telling you, they tell their friends.

That’s a big difference. Now, they are promoting you.

The customer is saying, “Oh yes, my house cleaner took the information that I gave them. They bumped it up a notch, they adjusted it, they tweaked it. They showed me that they care. And that I matter and my opinion matters, and that they can listen and take suggestions.”

Now they are going to tell their friends, and they’re going to give you what we’re going to call feedback. So this is public feedback with an advertisement attached.

They’re sending this out into the universe. They are saying, “I put my name and my endorsement behind this house cleaner.”

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Don’t Ask for a Rating and Review Before You Do a Survey

What you want your customers to do is give you ratings and reviews. 

But if you ask a customer, “Hey, can you give me a rating and review?” but you haven’t done the customer survey, the customer doesn’t feel heard. They don’t feel like you care. They don’t feel like you did an amazing job just yet.

Some house cleaners have been doing this for a while. And they kind of know what they need to do. They’re going to be amazing. Yeah, they’re going to get a customer rating and review.

But a brand new customer and house cleaner don’t have that relationship. So when they come together and you just ask them, “Hey, can I have a rating and review?” What the heck? The homeowner is not going to react well to that. 

Satisfied Customer, Ratings and Reviews Fist BumpA Place for Ratings and Reviews

But when the homeowner is happy and wants to give you a reference, or a review, or a rating, where do they go? 

Every single house cleaner who has their business listed has a place for rating and reviews.

We will show you a way at where you can create what’s called a QR code. The QR code is this little square that has a bunch of little dots. It contains information that links back to your listing on

QR Codes on Your Worksheet

QR Code for customer ratings and reviews

Now here’s the beautiful thing.

You have a worksheet that you leave at the customer’s house after each job. You check off all the things that you have done that day. 

As you leave that behind, on that worksheet you can put your QR code.

So the homeowner looks at your house cleaning worksheet. And they go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Angela did all these things. You know what? As I’m looking around my house, Angela met all my requirements. She did an amazing job.”

They can take their cell phone, and they can scan that QR code.

Bam, now they’re back on my fan page at

They can click that button and they can leave me a rating and review, and tell the world how they feel about my service.

Ratings and Reviews = Feedback You Can Use

House Cleaning, Ratings and Reviews, HouseCleaning360

One of the most impressive things about the rating and review is this. It’s feedback that gives you information.

If the customer says, “Well, what I liked best is that Angela always wipes down the front of my cabinets.” 

Maybe the customer never told me that. I see that and I’m like, oh, guess what, don’t let me forget. I want to make sure that I always wipe down the front of the cabinets at Mrs. Peterson’s house. Because that is important to her.

Or the customer might say in the rating and review, “What I like best about Angela is that she always shows up on time.”

Oh, I want to make sure I am never late. Because if I’m late, I’m going to ruin the image that this customer has of me.

They will give you feedback, and that is the best thing about a rating and review. It’s feedback that then lets you improve your service.

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The World Sees This Feedback

So what can happen is this. There could be someone who has been in the military. They are a prompt and punctual person. They like people who are on time. They’re looking at three people in their city that they’re going to call for house cleaning.

There’s one house cleaner that in their reviews, it says this person is always punctual. And when they say they’re going to show up, they are there exactly at that time.

Well, that is a big hot button with this particular person. So they hire the first person because of this. The other two could have the exact same qualifications and skill set, but they don’t hire them.  

 I mean everybody’s a little different, I’m just using this as an example. But what happens is they’re going to say, “I’m going to go with the person that’s always on time.”

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Now That You Have Addressed Their Concerns, Ask for the Rating and Review

You have no idea what your customers are going to say. You have an opportunity in the customer survey to ask the customer, “What is important to you?”

Now that you’ve made sure you do that thing, you go back to the customer. Now is the time to ask them for a rating and review.

You can say, “Hey listen, by the way, I’m trying this new thing out. I just put this QR code on my worksheet. If you get a chance, scan it and give me some feedback.”

That’s all you have to do. There’s a scale of one to five, they can leave you one to five stars.

Thanks to Amazon and eBay, everybody knows what the five stars mean.

One star means you’re not so great. And five stars means “Yeah, heck yeah, I’m recommending you to all my friends.”

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Rich Schema Markup = up You Go on the Search Engine!

Now the good thing about this it’s called rich schema markup, it’s a technical term. It means is that the internet recognizes your five-star ratings. It recognizes it as being something that is impressive.

The more ratings and reviews you get, the higher your visibility in the search engines go. It doesn’t matter what site it’s on. If it’s rich schema markup, which is the one to five-star rating, the internet is going to recognize that.

Housecleaning360.Com Has Ratings and Reviews

Professional Organizer, Ratings and Reviews, HouseCleaning360

It does not matter how you have listed your business on Your customers can leave a rating and review for you on that site. 

If you are a home service provider, you need ratings and reviews. You can have a business listing on Washing, Ratings and Reviews, HouseCleaning360 You could be a house cleaner, a professional organizer, a landscaper or a pressure washer. If you do not have a business listing yet, go grab one. We can help you start collecting your ratings and reviews. 

QR Code HC360 Spacer

Get a QR Code and Put It on Everything!

QR Code on Worksheet for Ratings and Reviews

Go over to and put together your business listing. This way you can get your QR code. You can add it to all your invoices, worksheets, and business cards. You can also put it on your website and your social media.

I could go on forever. There’s a lot of different outlets for that QR code. Some people even put them on magnets on the side of their car. I mean, it’s amazing. 

You click on that and boom! You’re right back at home base on the fan page. This is where the customers can give you praise. And they can give you feedback, and say nice things about you.

And a Bonus! business citation, company ratings and reviews

Oh, and it has your contact information on it as well! It also has pictures and videos of your business.  It’s a no-brainer.

All righty, so that’s my two cents for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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