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How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company
Your House Cleaning Business, A Blueprint for Success
Start a Home Cleaning Business
Start a Cleaning Business – A Beginners Guide

Unlimited Reading

Kindle Unlimited

(Kindle unlimited costs $9.99 /mo and allows you to read thousands of Kindle books free with your subscription. These books can be business books, self-help, motivation, or just pure fiction.)

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Savvy Cleaner
Ask a House Cleaner
The Magic Marketing Mix

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Tips, Tricks & Time Saving Hacks
Free Moving Checklist
Hidden cameras you never knew existed
Pollen Alert Notice to Give Your Clients
33 Reasons Why I have to Go to Work Today
Here are 13 things to note in your damage control debriefing
Worksheets You Can Edit and Use Today

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For a uniform, you can find some AWESOME wrinkle-free microfiber collared shirts on Amazon that are in the $12–$15 range and come in 28 different colors to match your branding. You can get some Dickie’s wrinkle resistant professional looking cargo pants on Amazon too starting at $15.99 (The pants last about 3 years and the shirts need to be replaced each year.)

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Resources: Social Media Tools



is a great place to store any pictures, articles, blogs, worksheets, flyers etc. that you use for your business. The good news is that since Dropbox stores everything online in a password protected cloud, you can access those files from any computer, tablet or cell phone anywhere in the world. This is the file storage system I use.

Social Media Tips & Tricks

this is a weekly newsletter designed to help you navigate your way through social media with specific emphasis on how to boost your house cleaning, maid service or janitorial business.

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Resources: Referrals


A neighborhood referral site & app where your clients can leave glowing referrals about you and your maid service business. Let your customers know you don’t mind them giving your phone and/or email out on these sites.


Another neighborhood referral site like NextDoor where your customers can leave recommendations about you and your house cleaning business.

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Resources: Business Tools



Allows you to store all of your website, email, software and phone apps passwords securely in one location, on your phone so you have it with you at all times. There is a free and a paid business version. All you need to do is remember one password and Keeper unlocks all the others.



is best for recurring payments of clients who wish to pay for cleaning with a credit card. The client can collect rewards points for using their credit cards and they can set up the payments to be automatically drafted from their account each cleaning or they can pay manually.

PayPal is a great fall back method when a customer forgets to pay – they simply send money to your email address that evening. The money stored in your PayPal account can be transferred to your bank account simply by logging into PayPal and clicking on the “withdrawal” button.

PayPal protects you and the customer, because the customer doesn’t have direct access to your bank account, and you never know the customer’s credit card number.


is a reader that you plug right into your smartphone to swipe a client’s credit card for payment of house cleaning services. I personally use Square on a couple of accounts, the customers are usually at home when I finish cleaning and I simply swipe their card or type in the credit card number, and they sign my phone with their finger. The Square app also emails the customer a receipt for the payment.

Square is connected to your bank account – when money is deposited from a credit card, it goes directly into your bank account.


Cheap Domain Registration is the site I use to register the domain names for my business such as or – you can register your business domain name for less than $10 a year.



HostGator is a premium web hosting company for small and large businesses. The beauty of hosting with Hostgator is they work seamlessly with WordPress which is the biggest blogging platform on the planet. The website themes hosted through Hostgator and WordPress are responsive, which means once you create a website, it will shrink or grow to any size screen it is viewed on, whether a flat screen TV or a cell phone. This is the web hosting provider that I use.

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Proofreading Editor


Hemingway Editor App edits your writing as you go. It highlights your text and makes suggestions. With Hemingway you’ll remove adverbs and passive voice and hard to read sentences. An easy to read blog will rank higher in the search engines and Hemingway will keep your writing snappy. (One-time fee of $9.95)


the largest blogging platform on the planet. This is the blogging platform that I use.

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Canva Photos

Canva is the best graphic design center for beginners ever. All of the featured images on my blogs are created in Canva. Pick from their large stock photo collections and pay $1 per picture. Or upload your own photos free. You can layer photos, text, shapes, change colors, textures, backgrounds etc. A neat feature about Canva is that it has custom templates for the various social media platforms. Never guess again if your created images will look right – with these templates – they will. (Free and Premium Versions)


Stock photography, images and clip art for all your blogging creations. Create featured designs with photos from Graphicstock. Buy one at a time or buy an unlimited license.
Google Images
Google has lots of free to use photos for your blogs.

Go to>Images>Search Tools>Usage Rights>Labeled For Use or Labeled for Use with Modification


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Tiny Calendar

is a mobile calendar that lives on your phone and is where you will keep all of your house cleaning appointments, you can also set reminders and alerts for yourself so you remember to text your clients a day in advance of your upcoming cleaning. This is the mobile app that I use.

 House Cleaning Worksheets

Worksheets are essential for your cleaning business. They have your contact information, the list of things you clean each time you show up, your rules and regulations, your payment methods, your PayPal email in case somebody forgets to pay you. Your worksheets are where you leave notes for your clients, make special requests such as cleaning solutions you are out of, they are your invoice, and your receipt. Download a worksheet today that you can edit and start using immediately. You don’t even need to know any ad copy or graphic design. Just change the name, phone number and company name.

House Cleaning Flyers

Flyers are guaranteed to bring in business when created and delivered properly.  Download this free flyer that has worked seamlessly for 25 years for hundreds of cleaning businesses around the globe. Simply change your name, email and company name, print and deliver. Read the article here to learn exactly how to use them.

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