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Show Notes Questions From House Cleaners

Show Notes Questions From Homeowners

#01  Having a Bad Day? House Cleaners with PMS

#02  Why Did I Get Fired From House Cleaning?

#03  Cleaning Employee Stole My Clients

#04  Should House Cleaners Take a Lunch Break While Cleaning?

#05  Should I Charge a Late Fee For Slow Pays?

#06 Do I Need a Business Card For My Cleaning Company?

#07  Should I Call Out Sick or Show Up to Clean?

#08  Tips for Choosing a Company Name

#09  Declined From Facebook Group. Why?

#10  Are Flyers Effective for Getting Cleaning Jobs?

#11  Is Laundry Included in Professional House Cleaning?

#12  I or We? When Talking About My Cleaning Biz

#13  What is a Mulligan in House Cleaning?

#14  Should Maids Help Clients Move?

#15  Do I Need a Uniform for My Cleaning Business?

#16  You Charge Too Much For House Cleaning

#17   What Your Cleaning Car Says About Your Company Image

#18  Key, Alarm Code, Cleaning Client Won’t Give Me Access

#19  My House Cleaner Talks Too Much

#20  If a Maid, House Cleaner or Housekeeper Broke My Stuff – Who Pays?

#21  Should I Re-Clean After Teenager Messes Up Already Cleaned Room?

#22  Questions to Ask When Hiring a Maid or House Cleaner

#23  How Do I Get More Cleaning Referrals?

#24 Cleaning Client is Micromanaging Me! And It’s Driving Me Crazy!

#25  Cancellations – #6 Top Tips to Handle House Cleaning Cancellations

#26 Imagine Yourself As a House Cleaner or Maid (Tricks for Success)

#27  Not A Good Fit – House Cleaner vs. Customer

#28  Talking While Cleaning – House Cleaners On Their Phones

#29  I Hate My Job – Should I Follow My Passion?

#30  What Should I Wear To Bid A Cleaning Job? (First Impressions)

#31  Cleaning Lady is Coming, Should I Clean First?

#32  Expectations – How to Manage Cleaning Clients Wishes

#33  Nagging Boss – Cleaning Client Nit-Picks and Complains

#34  Is the Customer Always Right? 5 Top Rules For House Cleaners

#35  Late. Absent. Running Behind Schedule – My Maid is Late Again!

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