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How to Clean The Shower Floor

How to clean a shower floor? Hire a house cleaner. Just kidding.

If you’re a diy housekeeper and you’ve ever wondered how to clean a shower floor, Today’s tips and tutorial are for you.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we talk about soap scum, and the muckity muck that settles on your shower floor from clogged drains and water backup.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru suggests you keep five things in your shower at all times. Use them and you’ll know how to clean a shower floor as well as the maids.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: How to Clean The Shower Floor

Filthy shower floor and wallsToday’s question comes from a homeowner who has a whole bunch of muckity-muck in the bottom of her shower and she wants to know how she’s supposed to get that clean and keep it clean.

NOTE: Lots of times when there is grease like gunk on the bottom of your tub and shower floor it’s from drainage problems. Hair usually gets clogged in the drain causing the water to backup. When the water backs up, everything that would have gone down the drain (shampoo, conditioner, soap, dirt, body oils, washed off sunscreen etc. leaves a residue on the surface of your fixtures.)

The problem will persist until the drains are clear, and the surface of the tub or shower floor is clean.

Everything that comes next assumes the drains are clear.

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Answer: How to Clean The Shower Floor Hand held scrub brush to clean shower floor

Empty pump bottles for dish soap to keep on shower floorAlright so here’s an answer. And pay close attention to this because this applies to every shower in your home. Whether it’s fiberglass, whether it’s porcelain, or whether you have a shower that’s made of ceramic tile and grout.

Okay, so here’s how you keep that clean. The first thing that you need is you need a little hand held scrub brush. 
And you can buy this at the Dollar Tree it’s inexpensive and you need one for every shower.

The next thing that you need is a little pump bottle of dish washing soap.

Now, my preference is Dawn dishwashing soap used for washing dishes, and greasy pots and pans.

It’s also excellent for cleaning the floor of your shower with all the junk that collects in there as well.

You’ll Need A Squeegee With A Sponge Not For Shower Floor But for Shower Glass Walls

Alright, the next thing that you’re going to need, is you’re going to need a squeegee. Now on one side of the squeegee, there’s a sponge for washing glass.  Shower head on a hose for cleaning shower doors and shower floor
On the other side of the squeegee, there’s a rubber tip for glass and windows.

Okay, now that you have those things the last thing you’re going to need is a shower head on a hose.

And this will make your job so much easier than if you have use a cup. and pour the cup of water on the sides of your shower doors to try to get enough water to wash the soap scum off.

Now here’s a secret about soap scum, it comes from bar soap. 

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Say No to Soap Scum On Your Shower Floor

Murky shower glass doors

The pink stuff that’s at the bottom of your shower around your drain and in the corners, that’s a residue from soap turning into bacteria.

So, you can cut that altogether by replacing your bar soap with liquid soap. 

When you’re taking a shower, you’ll see junk on the walls highlighted by steam. Lots of that is soap scum. 

Everything Comes Off Easier With Steam

So, if you’re in the shower, that’s the easiest time to clean your shower. Because everything is already steamy and it’s hot and there’s water.


Do You Ever Soak Pots and Pans?Burned pan soaking in soapy water

Did you ever soak a pan after dinner because it had caked gunk in it? Soaking the pan loosens up all that stuff.

And every time you take a shower and all this water is coming off you and it’s filling the bottom of the shower tub.

It’s soaking the bathtub or shower floor just like you soak a pan in the kitchen sink. So, at the end of your shower after you are nice and clean here’s how you clean your shower.

Rinse The Shower With The Shower Head On a Hose

You take the shower head on a hose and run it around the top of the shower. You always start at the top and you work your way down toward the drain. That way you’re not going back over where you just cleaned.

So, you want to loosen everything up that is all steamy, you want to loosen it all up with some water.

Use the Dish Soap to Cut The Grease

Dawn Dish Soap to clean shower floorNow, if there is a soap scum on the side of your shower use a couple of drops of the dish soap. Just pump a couple of drops on the wall.

Then take your scrub brush and scrub it down. It’s already loosened up because of the steam and the water.

Now, that your shower walls are clean put a couple of drops of dish soap on the shower floor.  

You may have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the corners shower floor or bathtub.

And just like scrubbing a pan or washing a dish it comes right off because it’s already been soaking. And you’re using dish soap designed to cut gunk.

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A Note About Rinsing Out Hair Dye 

Another thing that I might mention is for those of you that wash your hair and you use a hair dye or a hair rinse. When that comes off your head, all that colored water goes down and it settles on the floor of your shower.

And so, after every single time you use hair dye you want to make sure that you get down, and you use the dishwashing soap and the scrub brush. And you scrub the shower floor so that it doesn’t settle.

It might look clear down there, but it will turn colors and it will taint the shower floor.

And if you have ceramic tile it will turn the color of your grout a different color.

So, you want to make sure that you scrub that up after every single hair dye application.

Squeegee After Every Showersponge squeegee for shower doors and shower floor

After the walls and floor of your shower are clean (still soapy but clean) now it’s time to do the glass. 

Put a couple of drops of dish soap on the sponge side  of your squeegee and wash the glass. The glass is full of steam and all the grime is lose. 

Then once you’re done and you’ve scrubbed all that soap scum off. You take a shower head on a hose and you hose it down once again.

And then you go ahead and turn your squeegee around and you squeegee the walls dry.

Now if you will squeegee the walls dry after every single shower it will always look brand-new.

We Take Showers Because We Want To Get Clean

Especially if we’ve  been out jogging or working in the yard. It’s not asking too much to want a sanitary place to shower. 

You don’t want to step into a space that’s more toxic than whatever it is you brought into the shower with you.

And trust me, I’ve seen some pretty nasty showers. 

And if you climb into a shower filled with gunk, you could get toe fungus. Or worse, you could transfer those germs to the bathroom floor that the rest of the family walks on. And they could get toe fungus. You don’t want that.

Create a Habit of Cleaning The Shower After Each UseRaix X Shower Door Water Repellent

If you do this cleaning routine after every single use and you train all the people in your house to do this, it only takes a couple seconds.

You’e not doing a deep clean each time. You’re maintaining what is already clean. After a while you’re just  rinsing it out with water. Boom! Everything’s clean. It looks nice and shiny.
And then you just dry the walls and you get out and you’re done.

Note: There is a product on the market called RainX for Showers that is like the stuff used for car windshields. When you put it on the inside of your shower doors, the water beads up and rolls off. 

You still need the squeegee to dry off the glass, but the scum  doesnt’ buildup. If you use it, you’ll need to re apply it every six weeks or so.

What If You Have a House Cleaner? Do You Still Need to Clean the Shower?

Yes. Maintain your showers between professional cleanings. Your maid or housekeeper will not have to spend 45 minutes cleaning your shower. This will allow them to use the time you’re paying them to focus on other areas of your house.

Alright so those are my tips for today on how to keep your shower clean.
Now, if you have any questions you can ask those questions at

Or you can email me Angela at

And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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