How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner
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Have you been wondering how to start a cleaning business after COVID? Living in a COVID-19 world has given us the opportunity and time to work towards our goals.

Have you been wondering how to start a cleaning business after COVID? Living in a COVID-19 world has given us the opportunity and time to work towards our goals.
Right now, there are tons of resources to start a business already at your fingertips. If you’re one of the countless people left unemployed in the pandemic, you’ll want to hear this!

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How to Start a Cleaning Company After COVID

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Man is Working Little Girl Bothering HimHow do you start a house cleaning company after COVID?  This will be focused around a book called How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company.

But now, you need to know the what the differences and the nuances are now that you’ve been through COVID.

This Book Wasn’t Written During COVID

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Woman Talks on Phone Little Boy WatchesThere are a couple of things that are not in the book, because obviously when the book was written, there was no COVID. But right now, we’re discovering something very unique for the very first time ever. There are a lot of public-school systems that are having kids come back to school one day a week.

And so, their parents are going to be homeschooling for the other four days a week with the teachers working together to get the education that the children need. What that means is the parents are not going back to work, or they are going to have to swap babysitting with neighbors, friends and other homeschooling parents.

Now Some Parents Have to Be Home All Day

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Frustrated Parents and Children RunningAnd so, there are parents that are now scrambling saying, “I’m going to be at home all day. I can’t work my regular job.” So, there are a lot of people that are now getting into the house cleaning business, and they want to know, “What am I supposed to do next?

Firstly, you have to figure out the kid situation, if you have kids. And so, what’s happening is you have partners right now, and there are collaborative agreements which are exciting.  These are parents that maybe your kids carpooled before. So, they know each other, they’re neighbors and they live in the same area.

And so, your kids can walk to and from each other’s houses as they did in the past to get together for the school carpool. So, the parents are saying, “Well, I’ve got to be home now, all these days a week with my kids, why don’t you take my kids one day? I’ll take the kids the other day and we’ll both find jobs and we’ll work on the opposite days so that while you’re watching my kids, I can go clean houses and vice versa.”

So, there are partnerships that are coming together for the first time in a communal way where everybody has to work together because of the new situation that has presented itself. This is a great think because it’s happening all over. There are little pockets of neighbors that are starting to work together.

Now You Can Team Up With Other Parents to Take Care of Your Kids

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Women Elbow Bump Wearing MasksWell, the glory of this is if you have two or three moms that are working together and all their kids are at one house, what that says is they can all work as a team together and they can go in and they can work and clean two, three, four homes in a day.

Either those can be your employees, or you can rotate, and you work one day, and they work the other day. So, it’s working either solo or as a team.

There is a Lot of New Information When You Become a Business Owner

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Woman Working at DeskThe next thing that you have to consider is there’s a lot of new duties if you have been an employee and you’re not going to be a business owner. Now you need to know that running a cleaning business is hard work.

And so, there’s a lot of details that are involved.  There’s a lot of information that you don’t have yet. And this is if you’ve never had a business.

So, you’re going to be thinking about what about a website and what about graphics and what do you do for social media and all of those things.

Your Neighbors are Probably in a Similar Situation

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Man is Frustrated Little Girl YellsThe good news is your other neighbors are probably in a similar situation. And so, there are a lot of neighbors that can help each other. “And so, hey, listen, I’m in kind of a bind. I’m going to be home with the kids and we’re putting together this neighborhood collective effort.

Is there anyone here in the neighborhood that knows graphic design?” There will be somebody that knows. “Is there anybody here that knows how to set up web pages?”  There will be somebody who knows that too.  So, you can start tapping into your neighbors.

And as you pay them, either in babysitting or you pay them bits of money or whatever that you earn, what happens is they can help you put together something right now, because they too are out of work.

You Can Find Neighbors to Help Your Business

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Writing a BlogThey too are going to be home with the kids during the school year. So, you can have a one-person that gets paid that sets up all the neighbors’ websites or one person that does all the graphic design.

There’s probably somebody that’s really gre the memes and the little gifts and all that stuff for your website to keep your social media pages going to generate interest.

You Can Put Out a Notice for Help From Neighbors

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Man Working on ComputerThere are probably places that you go as neighbors, either like an HOA association meeting. Or if you have like a Facebook page for the neighborhood where you can all work together, “Is there anyone here who is looking for house cleaning because we have three moms in our neighborhood that are starting a cleaning company and they’ll be working together?”

There’s something very comforting about hiring your neighbors because they’re not going to steal from you because you know where they live. You go repossess your stuff. They’re not going to rip you off because they have to see you, your kids go to school together.  There’s this built-in level of trust.

There are Great Things Coming Out of the Pandemic

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Three Women Sitting and Wearing MasksSo, there are some great things that are coming out of this pandemic. And it’s exciting because as frustrating as it has been, there is a huge opportunity that lies inside of what we’re all experiencing right now. And so, if you have been thinking about starting a business, even if it’s not house cleaning. Maybe you are the web designer that could help the house cleaners in the neighborhood.

Or you know about social media and you’re great with sending outposts at a regular time. Maybe you’re great at running a Facebook group. Maybe there are different skills that you have to offer.  There’s a photographer that we’re working with right now that was a house cleaner at one point. But she’s now going to be a full-time homeschooler because her kid goes to school now one day a week.

And so, the other four days a week, she must be home. But she’ll be doing a lot of before and after pictures, putting together collages and moving animated art because that’s her background and her skill.

A Step Beyond That is Fiverr

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, House Cleaner Wiping Counter Wearing MaskThen, a step beyond that is Fiverr. Fiverr is the gig economy where you put up your own little website on Fiverr and they have an escrow account where somebody pays for your service. And only after you’ve delivered the service and they’ve approved of the job do you get your money. But you never go into a job going, “Hmm, I hope I get paid.”

The money is already there, and you can advertise, whether it’s blog work, photography, or you do before and after pictures.  Maybe you put together videos, social media or put together courses online.

There are a whole bunch of different things that people are willing to pay for and it doesn’t have to be the people that are in your neighborhood.

I’ve hired people from Fiverr, and they are people that are in Brazil and Lithuania in different countries. And they have helped me do services that I didn’t have the immediate help for. So, I’m like, “Super awesome. There’s somebody here that’s skilled and qualified and knows exactly how to work with me on my time schedule.” So, the world of opportunity is open.

Technology is Forcing Us to Learn

How to Start a Cleaning Business After COVID, Woman Waves Hi to ComputerSo as we move forward through this pandemic era, technology is forcing us to learn. There are a lot of people like even my mom who has now gone on Zoom and she’s becoming very proficient on instant Messenger with Facebook.

Before it was this big, scary thing to her, but there are a lot of people now that are embracing the technology. And so now you can run a business, even if you’ve had no business experience whatsoever.

But if you’re thinking about starting a cleaning business or starting a business after COVID, there’s never been a better time than right now, because everyone has to pull together and work together with the resources that we have available to us to make it go. And everyone everywhere is in the same boat. So, we all have to work together. It’s pretty awesome.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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