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Worksheet Overkill

Are you guilty of worksheet overkill? “Your worksheet is your calling card.
And your worksheet activates your satisfaction guarantee. Your worksheet is your invoice. And your worksheet is your receipt for payment. It’s where house cleaners leave notes for their customers. And homeowners pass out worksheets recommending maids to their neighbors.

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Sample Contract for House Cleaning

“Do you have a sample contract for house cleaning? I’m trying to grow my cleaning business and wonder what my contract should say. Any cleaning advice on company policies or rules and regulations in a sample contract would be helpful.”
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru in today’s Ask a House Cleaner gives you a sample contract. Along with pro cleaning tips on your letter of agreement and tips on a welcome packet.
Today’s sponsors are Savvy Cleaner (House cleaner training.) HouseCleaning360 (connecting homeowners with house cleaners and maids.) Savvy Perks (employee benefits for house cleaning business owners.) And My Cleaning Connection (a hub for cleaning stuff and the sample contract mentioned.)

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Bidding Residential Cleaning Jobs – Secrets and Tips (2017)

Bidding residential cleaning jobs is not a mystery. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we cover some secrets and tips to prepare you for your initial walkthrough. Learn about the cleaning proposal, cleaning contract, and questions homeowners will have.

Arrive with confidence when you deliver your free in-home estimate, and become a Savvy Cleaner because you’ve landed the deal. Cleaning bids have never been easier.

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