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Ask a House Cleaner, Who is in charge - Airbnb Host or House Cleaner, Savvy Cleaner

Airbnb Host or House Cleaner? Who is in Charge?

Airbnb host or house cleaner who is in charge of the cleaning? And is it the Airbnb host or house cleaner who choose what’s on the daily checklist? I get that Airbnb cleaning is daily and sporadic because Airbnb guests come at will. But if you have a short-term rental do you hire a maid? Does the Airbnb Host or House Cleaner provide the cleaning supplies?
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says house cleaning is quite different in the VRBO, Airbnb space. Check out these tips and cleaning advice.
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Ask a House Cleaner, Move Out, Savvy Cleaner

Move Out Cleaning Tips and Tricks for House Cleaners & Maids

Move out cleanings can be a good source of revenue for maids, or they can be a nightmare. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we cover quick tips and house cleaner rules to make the move out process easier for everyone involved. With a move out checklist, the homeowner can make sure they don’t disconnect the electricity or the water too soon. We provide you with the move out instructions you can provide your client that will ensure you get paid for the cleaning you do, and land you a referral to the new tenant.

Bam! You’re now working smart not hard.

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Cleaning Client is Micromanaging Me! And It’s Driving Me Crazy!

Micromanaging and bossing around the house cleaner are narcissistic tendencies. The house Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares insider secrets to end the chaos. Learn how to deliver excellent customer service without caving into negative manipulations. Don’t be the victim. Take control of your business and learn to manage your cleaning projects with finesse.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Get More Referrals, Savvy Cleaner

How Do I Get More Cleaning Referrals? @SavvyCleaner

Referrals. Want more? The name of the game is referral marketing if you want to get more house cleaning customers. Grow your cleaning company with these easy to apply tips from The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown. Marketing your cleaning business doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money when you use these social media marketing tactics.

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Ask a House Cleaner, 4 Questions When Hiring a House Cleaner, Savvy Cleaner

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Maid or House Cleaner

Questions to ask when hiring a maid, house cleaner or housekeeper depend on your specific needs. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, Gives you 4 top things you want to cover in your interview to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate surprises. #AskaHouseCleaner

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