Too Depressed to Clean Your House

Ever been too depressed to clean your house? Cleaning when depressed is almost impossible because it’s just not a priority.
And if you’re too depressed to clean your house is easy to become overwhelmed, ashamed and desolate.
Depression cleaning is not always the answer either – just plowing through doesn’t solve the problem.

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Depression – Are You Helping or Enabling?

Depression. You know somebody whose house is a mess. They’re filled with anxiety, gloom, sadness, misery, worry, and sorrow. The trouble with depression is you want to help, but you can’t change someone else.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we dig into compassion and helping vs. enabling. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru covers mild depression to severe depression. “Get clear about your reasons for helping.” Yes, you can volunteer, but you’re still dealing with mental health and neglect. It’s a classic case of desperation meets good Samaritan.

They have to want to change and they may not want your help or maybe they just don’t care.

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