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Rules and Guidelines for Maids and Housekeepers

Rules and guidelines can streamline your turnover service.  Maids and housekeepers need rules and guidelines so things don’t get crazy in their cleaning business.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says every maid service has scheduling issues and cancellations. Know your rules and guidelines and share them with your customers and employees and Airbnb hosts.

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Employees Disrespect You – How to Regain Control

“Employees disrespect you and how do you regain control? I want to grow my cleaning company but I have backstabbing employees who are hijacking my company. If employees disrespect you – do you fire them?”

Angela Brown, talks about when employees disrespect you and unacceptable employee behavior. Insubordination suggests a need for management training. House cleaning is tough enough without maids and employees who won’t listen to their boss. 

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Employee Records You Need to Keep

“What employee records do I need to keep for my house cleaning business? Besides employee records are there legal documents I will later need to grow my cleaning business? And do the employee records need to be agreements in writing or can they be verbal agreements?”
We Ask a House Cleaner about rules and regulations for employee files.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru talks policies and agreements to solve issues in your maid service. You don’t have to be a clean guru, but it helps to be a savvy cleaner.
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House Cleaning Employee Squabbles

How to manage employee squabbles in your house cleaning business. It’s a question that comes up a lot with maid service owners.
We Ask a House Cleaner what are employee squabbles? And what rules and policies will make your business a safe place to work?
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says employee squabbles are grown adults acting like children. It’s fighting, bickering, cat fights, racism, bullying, cursing and showing up late. It’s maids calling each other names, PMS, being moody, snappy, irritable and just flat out being ugly. If you have workers micro-managing or bossing people around, employees will leave. You can’t solve problems if you have no backbone. And employee rifts create a domino effect of bad energy.
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