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Who Pays When Stuff Breaks? You or the Employee?

Stuff breaks. But who pays when stuff breaks on a house cleaning job? Do you pay as the cleaning employer or does the maid pay? And what if your independent contractor breaks stuff? 

“I had a house cleaner come clean my space and he was doing speed cleaning… and he broke a mirror. I get it, stuff breaks. But who pays when the maid breaks stuff?” A common question we ask a house cleaner today. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives cleaning advice and pro cleaning tips for broken stuff. 

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How to Deal With Incompatible Coworkers

How do you deal with incompatible coworkers when you are house cleaning? Incompatible coworkers who don’t get along or have a lousy work ethic bring the company down.
We Ask a House Cleaner tips for incompatible coworkers, catfights, different work systems and more.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru includes in her house cleaner training ways to inspire coworkers. Set an example for annoying coworkers cleaning in the same space.
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Best Books for House Cleaners

Best books for house cleaners are books that promote your maid services. Or make you a better housekeeper. Reading every day is great schooling for house cleaners and soon you’ll have your own list of best books. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares her tip of the day. Among her best books are excellent material for weekly meetings.

Here you’ll find a great education for maids.

Change the way you think and talk and it will change the way you interact with the customers. Learn, teach and create a collection of your own great reference books.

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Driving Rules for House Cleaners and Maids

Driving Rules should be a given for house cleaners and maids. And yet here we are discussing driving rules today on Ask a House Cleaner. As cleaning specialists, we’re often in a hurry and that jinxes our judgment for safe driving. Whether you’ve been driving for twenty years or you are a new driver, these driving etiquette tips will keep you on the good side of the law.

Choose to be a better driver. Show respect for your company image. And keep your driving privileges with these simple driving rules.

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