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Can They Suspend House Cleaning Service?

“Can a customer suspend house cleaning service for no reason? I’m trying to grow my cleaning company. But I’ve gotten a few calls “I want to suspend house cleaning service until further notice.” What does it mean when a customer says I want to suspend house cleaning service? Can they break a cleaning contract like that?”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says anybody can cancel service at any time. And people cancel house cleaning for different reasons. But if you have lots of clients who terminate service it might be you. 

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Ask a House Cleaner, Annual Cost for Cleaning Supplies, Savvy Cleaner

What is the Annual Cost of Cleaning Supplies?

What is the annual cost of cleaning supplies for a startup cleaning business? 

We Ask a House Cleaner the annual cost of cleaning supplies and if it’s cheaper to mix solutions or make your own.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says clean with me on a budget you create from ready to use cleaners. The annual cost of cleaning supplies can scale up or down. It’s determined by the number of customers you serve as a professional cleaner. 

As you scale your business you can save money by using concentrates and buying cleaning supplies in bulk. 

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