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Ratings and Reviews for House Cleaners

Ratings and reviews for house cleaners are a legitimate way to drive business to your door. Ratings and reviews are the social proof and validation that backs up word of mouth referrals.

Today we Ask a House Cleaner how to get use a QR code to get ratings and reviews. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a savvy cleaner can get customer feedback to market your cleaning business.

Today’s sponsor HouseCleaning360.com specializes in DIY referral marketing through online likes and reviews.

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HouseCleaning360 is a business referral network for house cleaners and maids and housekeepers.

Reviews – Should I Turn Them Off? #BadReview

Reviews are everywhere these days. But what happens when your house cleaning company gets some bad reviews? Do you turn the reviews off so no one can vote good or bad? Do the bad reviews hurt your business more than the good endorsements help?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at the art of social commenting and how it affects the evaluation perfect strangers have of your business.

What strategies can you use to boost the praise and acclaim others give you?

Learn business tips to help you gather recommendations and five-star ratings rather than hiding from

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