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Do You Tell the Parents?

Do you tell the parents when you’re house cleaning and you stumble on candy wrappers or beer cans in the kid’s rooms? Do you tell the parents if it’s needles, drugs or pornography? The dilemma is where do you draw the line?
And are you a tattletale or a narc if you find stolen goods in a kid’s room and you tell the parents?
And if the kid is in trouble do you tell the parents or call the cops?

Ask a House Cleaner, Being a Leader, Savvy Cleaner

Being a Leader vs. Being in Charge

Being a leader vs. being in charge is an important distinction to make. Whether you’re a cleaning franchisor, a house cleaner, parent, clergyman, teacher, coach or boss.

Being a leader isn’t about giving special treatment and special favors. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says being a leader is about leading with love. Tough love and earning respect along the way.

“The golden rule has become tarnished with entitlement.” You’ll learn today what you can count on in today’s episode of Ask a House Cleaner.

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