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Shoe Covers or Shoes Off When Cleaning?

Shoe covers? The customer says “clean my space but no shoes in the house.” Am I supposed to clean in bare feet or stocking feet? Or do I wear shoe covers over my sneakers? 

We Ask a House Cleaner about shoe covers and wearing a shoe with a shock absorber and arch support. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says there are disposable shoe covers, reusable shoe covers and reusable snap on shoe covers for speed cleaning. They even have non-slip weatherproof shoe covers to get you from the car to the client’s home. 

Protect your customer’s carpet while protecting your back. 

Today’s sponsors are My Cleaning Connection where you will find all sorts of athletic sneakers designed for cleaning, and shoe covers to match. Other sponsors are HouseCleaning360, Savvy Perks, and Savvy Cleaner Training.

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