That Stinks – Cleaning Supplies That Smell Bad

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]That Stinks, Man Holding Nose“That stinks.” Do you have cleaning supplies that smell bad? Do your customers hate the horrible smelling cleaning detergents you’re using? Are you using vinegar for cleaning? Because that stinks. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “I hate the smell of vinegar, but I use it because it’s non-toxic and does a great job to clean my space. 

If a customer says “That stinks.” Then it does to them. 

It would be nice if a customer would say “The house smells amazing rather than the house smells awful.” But if the odor of cleaning supplies is their concern, it’s time for a change. 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: That Stinks – Cleaning Supplies That Smell Bad

How do you know if something stinks? We’re going to talk about that today.

“Hi Angela. My name is Brittany, and I was just wondering what makes you qualified to give your opinion on the smell of vinegar. Thanks.”

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How Do You Know if That Stinks?

That Stinks, Bucket and MopAll right, now I was unclear by this question whether you meant me or anybody. So, let’s address the question about people in general. How do you know if something stinks?

Well, if you’re at a customer’s house, and you’re using vinegar, and they say, “That stinks.” Then guess what? I got news for you. That stinks. 

It may not stink to you, but if it stinks to the customer, it’s their house. And if that is not the smell they want in their house, you’ve got to find a different detergent or odor eliminator.

Cleaning products that smell good to one person may make another sick. 

Thieves by Young Living – That Stinks to Some People

That Stinks, Group of Angry PeopleNow, if you get a group of Young Living distributors in a room, and you say that Thieves stinks – they’ll eat you alive like vultures. Thieves is an all-purpose cleaner, that smells like cloves. Some people LOVE the smell, and others can’t stand it. 

Everybody has cleaning products with smells they love and smells that they hate.

Nobody is right or wrong, it’s subjective and comes down to personal preference. 

If “That Stinks” – Use Something Different

That Stinks, Women Shopping for Cleaning ProductsWe had a client who loved the scent of Pine-Sol, so we used Pine Sol in her house. Another woman said that it was very antiseptic, and she didn’t want that smell in her house at all. 

And the good news is there are a variety of products on the market so it’s easy to find a simple replacement. 

There are also organic cleaning supplies with little or no smell. 

Don’t Ask Customers if “That Stinks”

That Stinks, Adults Taking TestIf a customer doesn’t bring smell up – leave well enough alone. You don’t want them aware and going out of their way to analyze your products. 

Just know that the topic could come up in conversation and you need to be prepared with an alternative. 

But what qualifies somebody to say determine if something stinks is their own opinion. 

There are no tests that you take. There are no standards in the industry about something that smells nice and something that doesn’t smell nice. 

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The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Might Mention Scent

There are scents that are more accepted than others. Like citrus is more accepted than other smells. Lavender is a common scent.  

And some safety data sheets will mention scent to help you determine if what you are smelling is the actual product. 

If an SDS sheet says a cleaning chemical smells like citrus and what you smell is gasoline – somebody may have swapped chemicals in your bottle. 

Don’t use it. 

That Stinks – Because I Said So

That Stinks, Woman Eating FishSaying “that stinks” is like saying something tastes bad. How do you know? It might stink or taste bad to you – and to someone else, it brings them pure joy. 

If you are just starting out your cleaning business and choosing which products to use, choose products without a scent. It’s a sure bet. 

It is less likely to bother any customer, and less likely to bother you in the long run if you have allergies. 

And if a customer has a product they want you to use because of scent – let them provide it. 

Does Vinegar Stink? 

That Stinks, Cleaning VinegarI don’t like it. But I use vinegar because it’s non-toxic, it doesn’t bother my allergies, and I like the results I get from its cleaning properties. And although that stinks, it doesn’t bother me enough to switch.

If the smell doesn’t bother you and it does it’s job cleaning – booyah! 

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