Topless House Cleaning – A Heart to Heart Chat

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Topless house cleaning is a legitimate business but can be an unsafe one.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at the dangers of topless house cleaning. Kinky cleaning, sexy maid service, fantasy house cleaning and the reality of what to expect if you promote yourself to strangers.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shares some big sister advice. See what really happens when there’s topless house cleaning. And how if you choose this for your business you can think ahead and plan ahead and protect yourself.

Tuck these tips, counsel and supportive guidance in your apron and save it for a rainy day.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Do You Recommend Topless House Cleaning for Quick Big Money?

Now, today’s question came from a phone call, from a girl who wanted to know “Angela, I would like to do topless house cleaning. And I heard that you can make a whole lot more money than regular straight up housecleaning. Do you recommend it?”

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house cleaners talking, male and femaleTopless House Cleaning – What Really Happens and What You Need to Know

Now, this is a little bit of sensitive a subject because there’s an entire industry that does scantily clad housecleaning. 
And so, what we focus on at Savvy Cleaner is straight-up housecleaning that is just house cleaning. Boring everyday good old fashioned house cleaning, with a broom and mop and regular fully clothed people.

There are a lot of things that we are not going to be able to say on today’s show. Because we are a family friendly show. And there are terms and words that I cannot use. So, I want you to use your wildest imaginations as we walk through a couple of possible scenarios.

When you do topless house cleaning you’re putting yourself at risk for things you cannot control.
And so, I do not recommend it for the reasons we’re about to discuss.

Topless House Cleaning – I’m Not Judging You. I am Concerned For You.

Now, there’s a disclaimer right at the front of this, that I’m not judging you if you decide that this is the way that you want to go. Because the truth is yes, you can make more money than if you just have a regular house cleaning account and you just show up as a regular maid or housekeeper.
The difference is you’re raising the stakes of the game. 

Fantasy House Cleaning will put you in situations and circumstances that will be out of your control.
The stakes are a lot higher because you’re seeking a different clientele.

The clientele you’re going to get is a clientele that frequents nightclubs.

Strippers and Dancers Have the Protection of The Nightclub. You’re On Your Own  Security Guard

And as you go to a nightclub and you dance, you have the protection of the nightclub of behind you.

And so, if someone misbehaves or they get drunk or they start acting out of line and they make you uncomfortable you have the club to back you up.
They have bouncers or security guards who can jump in and intervene if you call for help.

If you put yourself in a similar situation but you’re in the privacy of someone else’s home, you don’t have the luxury of them calling for backup. So, you’re on your own.

 Gloved hands washing bathroom sinkHouse Cleaning is Tough Work, And That’s Without Flirting and Showboating

Topless house cleaning if you’re new, sounds effortless. And yet at the end, customers still want their house clean.
Cleaning house in a regular uniform that is loose fitting, you’re still going to be hot and sweaty from moving around a lot. 
So, imagine being on your hands and knees, (and there are certain things that you’re going to do to your body to be more enticing to the person that’s watching you cleaning house.)

Try to do a job like scrubbing the floor of a shower while you have your body arched in unique positions. And you’re wearing scantily clad or tight restrictive clothing, in high heeled shoes.
And because you’re putting on a show while you’re actually working you’re going to get hot and sweaty. It’s tough trying to look beautiful at the same time.

And so, it just raises the stakes a little bit higher. Thank goodness you get twice the pay of a regular house cleaner. You’re doing twice the work.

Topless House Cleaning – Do You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? 100% satisfaction guarantee

And is harder to offer a satisfaction guarantee. What if they don’t like the cleaning work you do? Do you come back and give a do-over because you missed something? Do you give their money back?Because let’s suppose that you get interrupted during your

Because let’s suppose that you get interrupted during your performance for let’s say an extra offer. For extra money, to do extra side projects or personal favors.

You have to make a decision. Where do you draw the line?

When you’re in a nightclub there are lines and parameters that are drawn,
They are in stone. And all the customers that show up know that.
But when you show up to clean house and you have a customer, and it’s just you against them, now you’re negotiating all the time.

Woman choosing between family and jobIf Quick, Big Money is the Goal, It’s Hard to Have Boundaries If More Money is Tossed At You

They can say “well, I’ll give you X amount more money if you do X amount more side projects.”

Okay, well that gets a little bit frustrating because you’re there because you need the money.
And the sad part is, the honest-to-goodness truth, is the women that do this are very good women. A lot of them are single moms. They’re trying to put food on the table. They’re trying to survive and provide a living by whatever means is possible.

Topless Maid service is a means that has proven successful for them and so they choose this line of work.
And so, it gets really frustrating when you say “No, these are my boundaries and I’m not going any further than this.” When someone is trying to toss money at you.

Every Time You Give In – You Weaken Your Personal Power Girl with head down feeling depressed

But every time they toss money at you, and every time you break that boundary down a little bit, you raise the stakes of the game.

Then it makes it harder for you to say no next time. And is this going to be a recurring client or is this going to be a one-off gig?
Because if this is just a one-time gig and you have gone so far down a rabbit hole in your negotiations that you don’t feel comfortable coming back,
then you’re going to constantly be looking for new business. So, as they say in the industry “it’s easier to make a fast nickel than it is a slow quarter.”

Now you’ve got to re-market yourself. 
It would be easier, in the long run, to have everyday routine house cleaning clients. Where you just go in and you sweep and mop and dust and all the regular things as a fully clothed maid or housekeeper.

That’s regular business that’s going to happen every week or every two weeks based on a schedule. It’s based on a really specific industry. It’s steady good money rather than random great money.

Topless House Cleaning – It’s a Different Marketing Process

Another thing is your marketing is going to be completely different.
So instead of being able to advertise on Nextdoor and whatever, to these regular everyday people, now you’re going to Craigslist. And you’re going to some fringe,
outlets in order to market your business because kinky cleaning is not the norm. 

And so, it not being the norm you are going to have to get very creative with your marketing.

Pepper Spray for Topless House CleaningYou Would Be Wise To Consider Protection

How far down the road can you see?
History proves bad situations stemming from seductive maids in unsafe and dangerous situations like this.
And so, you have to protect yourself from that. And you have to start thinking in advance. Do you have protection with you?

And that might be logical personal ‘protection’, and it might be something even like a firearm. And I don’t recommend taking a firearm ever to a customer’s house. But if you have to hire a bouncer or you have to hire your own security, they need to be prepared to bail you out in case something really bad happens.

This means you’ll need to change the way that you work. Because if you’re really smart about this, you’re going to have to have your own security detail that you can call at a moment’s notice (that is out waiting for ou in the car) in case things get out of hand. You’re going to have to pay somebody as your backup.

You might even want to keep pepper spray with you that you can use to pull yourself out of a bind if you need to.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings At All Times Topless House Cleaning Warning

You still have all of the rules and regulations of regular house cleaning. Like when you get there you still have to do a walk-through. And your walkthroughs going to be a little bit different from an average maid. Because this is not just a walkthrough, show me your hot buttons in this house so that I can make sure that I clean them properly. But now you’re looking. “Is there someone else that’s hiding in this house?”

“Am I putting myself in a situation that it’s not just the person I think I’m speaking to, but it could be multiple people in here they could actually cause me harm?”
And so, there are a bunch of things that you have to think about.

I do believe that everybody deserves a clean house and so I think that house cleaning is an awesome business obviously because I chose this for my profession. I also believe that as house cleaners we need to protect ourselves. We need to respect ourselves. We need to realize that there are valid ways of making money where you can hold your head high and not put yourself in a dangerous situation, every time you show up to clean a house.

And although it might be fast bigger money, compared to what?

Choose a Safe Working Environment – You’re Worth It

If you lose your life in the process, was it worth the extra few hundred dollars you might make? My answer is no.
If you put yourself in a situation where you go home and you cry at night. And you hate yourself because of what you have to do in order to earn a living, is it worth the hit to your self-esteem? 

It’s not because you have to live with yourself forever. You have to live with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every year for the rest of your life.

I understand the woes of trying to provide for a family and trying to protect yourself. Sometimes the wisp of the quick buck is not in the best way to go.
And so, if you decided to do this as a profession, I’m going to strongly encourage you to try to think through the possible scenarios all the way down the line. And find a safeguard at every stop.
So that you don’t one day find yourself in an odd situation and then have no idea how you’re going to get out of it.

Hand writing the words Safety FirstChange The Way You Do Your Walk Through

And by that, I mean, when you walk into a person’s house and you’re doing that initial walk-through you need to be looking for exits.
If something happens, “Is there a window I can jump out of? What does that window lead to? Is there a tree there? Or do I fall two stories to the ground?
If I’m in high heels, how is that going to end up? Am I’m not going to bust my ankle on the way down?

Is there a stairway in the back of the house that I can run down if I need to?” And you have to start looking at alternative exits. “Where’s the back door? Is there a side door? Does the side door lead to the garage? Or does it lead straight outside?”
So, your antennas have to go up and you’re playing a completely different game than if you’re just regular house cleaning.

Now, the truth is, you can make a lot of money providing a regular house cleaning service.
And so, if I have a choice, and if you call me on the phone and we have this conversation, (because this happens like I said frequently.)
I’m going to tell you these exact same things. Because I want you to be here in five years from now.

If house cleaning is what you choose, I want you to be here in ten years from now. I don’t want to hear a rumor that you’ve died somewhere in someone’s basement because something went awry while you were on a topless house cleaning job.

Wise Choices Will Contribute To a Positive, Productive Life

So, my answer to you is “Can you do it because it’s quick money?” Yes, you can, that’s your personal choice. And like I said, I’m not judging you. But I do want you to be aware of the risks that are involved when you choose to put yourself in a situation where you cannot control the outcome.

Alright, that’s my tip for today. I hope that helps. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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