Website: A Must for House Cleaners @ChrisBrogan

Website – A Must for House Cleaners

Website, do you have one? 

@ChrisBrogan by Chris Brogan / Guest Blogger

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I should start by saying I’m your ideal customer. I’m cruddy at cleaning my own house. And every few months, I remember to look around for a cleaner. Here’s the thing: I don’t have a phone book (does anyone?) and it’s not like there’s some kind of place where housekeepers hang out. Where does someone look? Google.

You Need a Simple Website

If that spooks you even a little bit, don’t worry. It’s not as scary as you think. I’ll walk you through it real quickly.

There are cool platforms like Weebly and WordPress that make it a lot easier than ever before. Start here. You’ll see pretty designs to choose from, and most sites have video tutorials to walk you through setting things up. (Don’t do that til after you finish this post, though.)

There are a few steps to this. You can just start with something free on either of those sites, and/or you might choose to pay to buy a domain address that matches your business. “Domain address” or “URL” is when you see something like Yours might be or whatever. Pick up a domain at Google Domains, if you’d like.

Or, you can keep everything free and simple and your site will look more like Either works.

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What Goes On The Website?

There are two main chunks of information people like me need when looking to work with you. I need to know that you do the job I need, and I need to know a bit about you. You know your job really well, but people don’t usually know how exactly to ask for it the same way you probably talk about it. They also don’t know what they don’t know.

Your site really only needs three pages tops. Maybe just one.




On the home page, you put your company name, logo, a picture of you and/or your team. You put an email address and a phone number. And somewhere up at the top, though, you write out some kind of a “header” or primary marketing quote that says clearly how you help others.

Slogans for website 2, Savvy Cleaner

Slogans for website 1, Savvy Cleaner Whatever you want to say. But the goal is to set something in the person’s mind that will make them think, Whoa, I really need to hire these guys.

Under that, you can talk a little about the process, how you work, what is covered and what isn’t, in some level of detail.

Make a big button that says “Get Started” and maybe under it a link that says “I’m still not sure.”

Get Started with a house cleaning website SavvyCleaner

The “Get Started” could point to a simple contact form where they can put in their name, email, phone, and some notes about what they want done. When they submit that, it’ll go to your email and you’ll have a new prospect to work with.

The “I’m still not sure” can go to your About page.

Website design for House Cleaners, Savvy Cleaner

Every Website needs an About Page

On the About Page, put a picture of you and/or the team. Say who you are. Mention how long you’ve been in business. Use the word insured (if you are).

Talk about the process.

“We always start with tidying. Then, we move on to dusting and windows. We end with floors.” Whatever it is you do.

Talk about how you price your jobs. People have no idea. So help them understand the system, adding language that says that the buyer will know the full price before any work begins, etc.

You might add whatever else you can think about that could end up being a worry in the buyer’s mind. “If we break it, we’ll replace it.”

End your ABOUT page with the same Get Started button leading to a contact page.

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If you have a pricing page, that one’s self explanatory. Finish it with the Get Started button. (Catching a theme here? Drive them to the next step.)

Earn More Customers With Your Website

This is a great start to getting more people to know about you and your business. You might eventually add a monthly newsletter (I highly recommend it). You might even do videos or something. Who knows, you crazy web superstar? But start here.

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Chris Brogan is a business advisor and New York Times Bestselling author. Learn more about him at

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