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Where are the show notes and are they important? What do they have to do with podcasts, blogs, or videos?

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Where are the Show Notes?

Where Are the Show Notes, Confused Woman on ComputerWhere are the show notes? What are the show notes? How do they help you? And why do we add them to our show? There was a homeowner who asked this question.

I cannot find the show notes on the website. Your YouTube video has a link, which I clicked on, and nowhere can I find the show notes for cleaning the oven?”

Show Notes Go Along With Our Whole Business

Where Are the Show Notes, House CleanerThere’s a website that goes with it and a blog. It’s awesome. So, what are show notes? And what does that have to do with the podcast? We are a podcast, a daily YouTube show and, a blog.

So oftentimes while I’m talking to you, there’s something specific that I have in my mind. And I want to tell you what it is. I would love to show you what it is. And I would love to direct you on where you can go to find it. But the easiest way for me to do that is to say, I will leave links in the show notes. 

I assume sometimes, that everybody knows what show notes are, but the truth is not everybody does. So, it depends on how you’re consuming this content and where the show notes are for you.

Every Platform Has Different Show Notes

Where Are the Show Notes, Happy Woman on PhoneSo, I want to point out the fact that, every platform has a different set of show notes. So, here’s how the show notes work. When we create a show here on Ask a House Cleaner for you, underneath the video, there is a little button that says, show more. This is kind of a hidden secret. So, I’ll send you on a little treasure hunt.

But on every YouTube video, there’s a little button that says, show more. When you click on that button it opens up a window where there’s a whole bunch of fun goodies there. If the marketer that’s creating the YouTube video knows what they’re doing, it’ll say like, hi, how are you doing? And there’ll be a little message or something and then you’re done.

We Use the Space to Give You More Resources

Where Are the Show Notes, Happy Woman Looking at PhoneBut what we do here on this show is we use that space to give you as many resources as possible. So, what you’ll find in our show notes are some fun things. The first thing that you’re going find is a little note or a description of what the show is about. What are we trying to share with you today, to remind you about what the video is about in case you didn’t want to watch the whole video all over again?

The next thing that you will find is you will find other videos that are like this video. The reason being is if you watched our show and you were like, that was a good idea, but I didn’t quite understand. Now you have our favorite list of videos that we recommend that we’ll also talk on this topic from someone else’s perspective.

They’re not our videos. They’re someone else’s videos that maybe could explain it in a different way. I understand we all learn a little bit differently and I want you to find the best teacher.

What are Good Karma Links?

Where Are the Show Notes, Hands on KeyboardSo, also on that note, we have what we call Good Karma Links. They’re good karma for these reasons, there are a whole bunch of industry professionals that have partnered with Savvy Cleaner, which is my company.

They’ve partnered with us because they understand the house cleaning industry. So, if we’re talking about an attorney, the attorney specializes in house cleaning situations. And so, they’ve come to us and they’ve said, “Hey, let’s partner together. Let’s work out a collaboration. We will offer a discount to the people that watch your show or the people that are in your network or the people that go through your training programs.”

So, we become an affiliate of theirs and they become an affiliate of ours. What that means is they recommend people to us. We recommend people to them. In exchange, there’s a little bit of money that exchanges hands. So, it is an agreement called an affiliate partnership. So, we bring our affiliate partnerships to you, but we provide you a link.

We are Sending You to People We Trust

Where Are the Show Notes, Law ConceptIt’s not a link so we can make money, but it’s a link so that the person I’m sending to you as somebody that I have vetted, I use, I know, I like, I trust and, I know understands the house cleaning business.

So, in order for somebody to be on that list, they are probably an affiliate. Now, if I’m recommending something from Amazon, the reason I’m recommending it from Amazon, is I love Amazon.

Amazon offers free shipping if you’re a prime member. And most of us are prime members because we take advantage of the audio, the video, the books,  the free shipping, all that stuff. So if you are in the Amazon ecosystem which most of us are, if there’s a product I recommend, instead of you sorting through thousands of products, I can direct you to the exact product I’m talking about with the best pricing that I found.

We Also Have an Amazon Store

Where Are the Show Notes, Happy Man Looking at Phone Holding Credit CardNow, did you know that we also have an Amazon store? I have a store and I will leave links in the show notes to the Amazon store that has all the different products that I recommend on a regular basis and things I have in my cleaning caddy. It’s an Amazon store exclusively for house cleaners.

Now, the other Amazon links that we put on there, we make a commission when you buy from Amazon. You’re going to pay the same price, whether you found it on your own or whether you went through our link. But when you go through our link, here’s the secret. They give us a very small percentage and they’ve cut that percentage in half.

So, it’s even smaller than that, but they give us a small percentage and that helps us pay for the people that work on this show. So, we can keep bringing you free tips by making a little bit of money here and a little bit of money here. It all adds up. So, they are affiliate links.  So, that is what you’re going to find in the show notes.

Find How to Connect to Us on Social Media in the Show Notes

Facebook Friends With Your Customers, Smiling Woman with PhoneThere are also other things like you can find ways to connect with us on social media. So, if you’re following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever, you can find those links as well.

Then there are also links to ways that you can leave us a rating and review. So, if you would like to send us a message and say, “Hey, great job. I enjoyed the show. I learned something from it. It helped my business.”

That also then goes into our ecosystem and that gives us a boost in the ratings. So, thank you very much. So those are the show notes.

Show Notes are Embedded in the Podcast

Where Are the Show Notes, Happy Woman in CarNow to the podcast. When you get to the podcast, there’s a picture of the show and there’s usually a little description. But did you know if you keep scrolling, once you’ve clicked on that episode, the show notes are embedded into the podcast. So, everything that I just told you about is also in the podcast. And I’ll share a secret with you.

We have a girl on our team. Her name is Amber. And Amber’s job is to take the show notes, the links, and to make your job easy. So, you don’t have to go and do all the same research we did. She adds that to the podcast and then it syndicates out to all the different podcast apps that we are a member of.

So, it goes to Amazon music, iTunes, Stitcher, Pod bean, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Google Play, all the different places where you’ll find the Ask a House Cleaner show.

All of the Show Notes are in Every Podcast

Business Burnout, Woman on Computer with HeadphonesAll of those notes are in there. So, if you click on the episode and you scroll, they’re all there. All the clickable links so that you can find all your favorite stuff.

Even if you’re in your car and you’re driving, instead of you stopping and taking notes, what you can do is you can just wait till the episode is over and freeze the episode right before it ends, because if it ends and it goes to the next podcast, sometimes it deletes the podcast. That’s how I have it set up on my podcast list.

But if you catch it right before the show deletes, then you can go and look through all the notes and you access the information. If you go to that episode and you go to either the show more underneath the YouTube video, or you scroll on the podcast, you will find the show notes.

Get Familiar With Our Show Notes

No One is Hiring Me for Cleaning, Woman Talking on Phone Looking at ComputerI recommend that you get familiar with them. Because it’s not just us but it’s every podcaster. It’s every YouTuber that has a show. And they create these show notes to give you an extra bonus so that you don’t have to do all the research.

Or if you are wondering like, “Hey, that’s a pretty cool,” whatever it is that they’re using or something that they’re wearing or whatever. Oftentimes those will also be in the show notes. And when you click on those links, you’re supporting the show.

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