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Worksheets for Your House Cleaning Business @SavvyCleaner

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

Worksheets to Boost Your House Cleaning Business

Most house cleaners do not use worksheets so if you use one, you will immediately set yourself apart from all of the other house cleaners out there. Your worksheets are a marketing tool, a progress report, your business card, your invoice and receipt.

These worksheets have been tried and tested, tweaked, tested again, and this is the proven-to-work system that everyone in our network uses. I’ve been using these exact same worksheets for 24 years and I still use them this day because they work.

  1. They work because it has your contact information at the top. (Look in the top header, there’s your name, your slogan, your logo, your phone number and your email house cleaning worksheets (page 1)address) If your clients ever need to get in touch with you, all your information is right there on the page.
  1. They work because you will show your clients on your initial walk through (when you bid the job), how you normally operate your business. You show them your work sheet and explain you will be filling one out each time you come to clean. Then have them walk you through their house with you, while you make notes on your worksheet about areas in their home that need special attention. Because you are making notes and filling in the blanks, you will know when you come back, which room was Megan’s room, or which room was Alex’s room. You’ve made notes that the cat is named Whisper and the dog is named Melancholy. This information you will transfer to your client contact info in your cell phone once you are done with today’s cleaning, or job appraisal.
  1. The check boxes allow you to inspect your own work, so there is never any guesswork what you have done while you are cleaning a home. You know what you have done, and so do they. As you do your final inspection, if you’ve forgotten anything, your check list will remind you.
  1. Bottom of page 1, there is a place to write your return time, so you can book the next visit at your client’s house before you ever leave. This is also where you determine if you are hired on an ongoing basis. If they set a return time for you that means they liked you and your work, and you’re hired.
  1. There are not “EXACT” titles for the rooms, say the house doesn’t have an office but it does have a music room. Just cross out the office and write in “music room” so you both know what room you’re talking about.

Page 2 has more rooms and is very similar to page 1, and all of the same rules apply to pages 2 that apply to page 1.

Click the link  for a free copy of the 3 page worksheet that you can edit and use immediately. Again, don’t reinvent the wheel or spend all day doing graphic design. This is a proven and tested worksheet and works for everyone in our network. #WorkSmartNotHard –and get your business off the ground ASAP.

Yes. Send me free “Worksheets” that I can edit and use immediately. house cleaning worksheets (page 3)

  1. The Notes section on page 3 allows room for you to make a note. Use the Notes section to keep your clients in the loop of your plans or things you’ve noticed.
  1. The supplies section is for special needs (supplies you normally don’t carry).
  1. They work because as you explain your worksheet – it walks you right through the rules and regulations and it answers most of the questions they might be asking. It makes the sales process easy. It makes you look professional.
  1. The PAYMENT section bottom of page 3 walks you seamlessly through how you expect to be paid. And how they can send money via Pay-Pal if they forget to pay you. There is also a place there where you can write in the amount they’ve paid, and below it write the check number or make a note if they have paid you with cash and a handwritten note that simply says: “Paid. Thanks!” This PAYMENT section becomes their invoice or their receipt.
  1. Your worksheet is an amazing referral tool. It has everything on it that somebody needs to know about your business. When your client is asked who cleans their house, they will get this worksheet and pass it along to their friends. (Remember your contact information is at the top – and all the stuff you do is listed, and all your rules are right here – and remember most house cleaning companies don’t use worksheets – so Bam! You just made it really super easy for somebody to refer you, and easy for somebody to hire you.

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