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Business License – Do You Need One to Clean?

Business license – do you need one for your house cleaning business? If you work for family no. But you may need a business license based on your jurisdiction and the rules for the city you live in.
We Ask a House Cleaner about a general a business license and a housekeeping license and legal documentation for business startup.
Angela Brown, The House Guru gives tips and industry business advice. Small business with a physical location is different from a maid service where you clean in someone else’s home.
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Ask a House Cleaner, It's Official, Savvy Cleaner

It’s Official – Cleaning Business Documents

It’s official you’re in business and need documents for your house cleaning. It’s official if you use verbal contracts to operate your maid service as well.

We Ask a House Cleaner what binding agreement paperwork will reinforce the working relationship. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says it’s official when you do your initial walkthrough with the homeowner. Agree to operate as client and maid and discuss rules and regulations. It’s easier to reinforce a contract in writing between you and the customer.

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#HouseCleaning360 is a referral database where you can find housekeepers and maids.

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Ask A House Cleaner, No Money, No Car, Savvy Cleaner

No Money, No Car – Start a Cleaning Business From Scratch

How to start a cleaning business with no money, no car. If you’ve got no money, no car, you can start a maid service and the cleaning videos on this cleaning channel will help you do that. Ask a House Cleaner is all about house cleaning FAQ and pro cleaning tips. We help you get started with no money, no car and will guide you through the growth process.

Once you have money coming in and you’re in the “grow my cleaning company” mindset – the Savvy Cleaner training would be a good next move. It’s house cleaner training with expert cleaning tips and lessons to help you chart your progress.

Angela Brown, the House Cleaning Guru gives Savvy Cleaner tips for working off a bus route when you have no car.

Today’s show sponsors are My Cleaning Connection (a hub for all things cleaning.) Savvy Perks (a program that offers employee pricing and steep discounts for small business owners.) And HouseCleaning360 (a referral hub connecting house cleaners and maids with homeowners.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Qualifications for House Cleaning, Savvy Cleaner

What are the Qualifications for House Cleaning?

What are the qualifications for house cleaning? I want to grow my cleaning company but am told I need a business license and insurance. Is it speed cleaning that makes you qualified as a house cleaner or do you have other pro cleaning tips and qualifications?
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru on today’s Ask a House Cleaner says the skilled maid has qualifications. …and a satisfaction guarantee and the willingness to get the house cleaning training they need.
Today’s sponsors are HouseCleaning360 (We connect maids with homeowners.) Savvy Perks (An employee discount program for small business owners.) and My Cleaning Connection (a hub for cleaning resources.)

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Ask a House Cleaner, Startup Struggles, Savvy Cleaner

How to End House Cleaning Startup Struggles

“How to end startup struggles in house cleaning? I’m trying to start a cleaning business but the startup struggles are killing me.
And I want to grow my cleaning company but don’t know where to find customers. What small business pro cleaning tips can you give me?”
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru on Today’s Ask a House Cleaner digs into startup struggles. “Come clean with me the easy way. Let’s work smart not hard.” Market your cleaning business in a small niche.
Today’s sponsors are Savvy Cleaner (house cleaning training.) HouseCleaning360 (A hub connecting homeowners with a maid service.) Savvy Perks (Employee benefits for your small cleaning business.) And My Cleaning Connection (a resource site for cleaning.)

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