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Already Clean – Why Did You Hire Me?

Already clean! So why did you hire me? It’s perplexing when you arrive to clean and there is no dust, no cobwebs, and no clutter. Everything is already clean. Now what?
Today on #AskaHouseCleaner we look at why did they hire you? Your house cleaning training says wipe everything down. (And other tips for cleaning already clean homes.)
Still, Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says maid service is more about the service than just being a maid.
Sometimes being a savvy cleaner is about caring for a slob. Sometimes is hanging out when customers are lonely. Or just want to brag they have a cleaning service. 

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Ask a House Cleaner, Not My Fault, Savvy Cleaner

Not My Fault The Customer is Mad

Not my fault! We’ve all thought those thoughts. But how can you reach customer satisfaction if you insist “It’s not my fault?”

As the business owner, you don’t get to shift blame, or cop an attitude for bad customer service. That will only destroy your business.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner, The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares professional tips.

Learn how to deal with a dissatisfied customer. Accept responsibility and act like a business owner. “Not my fault” is not going to cut it.

If you’ve got an angry customer who doesn’t like your work, be a Savvy Cleaner and stay in control of the situation.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Not A Good Fit, Savvy Cleaner

Not A Good Fit – House Cleaner vs. Customer

“We’re not a good fit for each other. Should I jack up the price and hope the prospect hires another house cleaner?” We’ve all been there. During the interview process when bidding a job, we get that feeling that this is a high maintenance customer. Or we just don’t like the customer for some reason we can’t put a finger on. And we wonder should we turn down the job because we’re a bad fit? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown weighs in on this touchy subject of house cleaner vs. customer. Listen to this before you close that sale – or get taken to small claims court.

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Cleaning Client is Micromanaging Me! And It’s Driving Me Crazy!

Micromanaging and bossing around the house cleaner are narcissistic tendencies. The house Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares insider secrets to end the chaos. Learn how to deliver excellent customer service without caving into negative manipulations. Don’t be the victim. Take control of your business and learn to manage your cleaning projects with finesse.

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