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Ageism and Age Discrimination for House Cleaners

Ageism – Age discrimination for house cleaners is a real thing and if you’re the employer you need to know what you can and can’t say to prospective employees. If you are the one seeking the job, there are ways to sell your skills and get the job at any age.

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Harassment: Is Your Cleaning Company Responsible?

Let’s talk about harassment. Is your cleaning company responsible for harassment from one employee to another?
Harassment in the workplace is a real thing. And Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says employer liability for harassment is serious.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Tax Tips, Savvy Cleaner

Tax Tips for House Cleaners and Maids

What tax tips for house cleaners and maids do I need to know to grow my cleaning business? Are taxes and spending part of a cleaning business plan? And are there tax tips or tax deductions that are standard for house cleaners and maids?

We Ask a House Cleaner about tax tips and ways to track expenses and receipts. Angela Brown gives recommends accounting software like TurboTax, QuickBooks, FreshBooks. Whether you do e-filing or you hire an accountant, your cleaning service wins when you pay your taxes. 

Today’s sponsors are My Cleaning Connection (where you will find the recommended accounting software.) Savvy Cleaner Training (Find answers to house cleaning FAQ.) And HouseCleaning360 (where you can list your cleaning business, so homeowners can hire you.)

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Cleaning Contract – Do You Need Clients to Sign One?

A cleaning contract is a great way to create boundaries and solidify a deal. But do your house cleaning clients need to sign a contract or agreement?
We Ask a House Cleaner tips on rules and regulations to put into contract form and how to enforce the policies.
“I want to grow my cleaning company but I don’t have any speed cleaning agreement, no legal stuff, or records on file.”
Today’s sponsors are My Cleaning Connection – a hub for cleaning and legal stuff. HouseCleaning360 a referral hub connecting homeowners with housekeepers. And Savvy Cleaner Training for house cleaners and maids, taught by Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru.

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