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Habits of People With Clean Homes

Habits of people with clean homes are obtainable. We all have habits, good or bad. So why not choose habits that help you organize your home?

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “come clean with me.” She walks you through some organizing and decluttering tips. “Have a place for your paper, get rid of excess stuff, get rid of dust collectors.” Basic cleaning advice with a twist of easy.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner you’re the savvy cleaner and the house cleaner training is stuff the whole family can do.

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Question: Habits of People With Clean Homes

 Today’s question comes from a homeowner who asks “What are some habits of people who have clean houses?”

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Answer: Habits of People With Clean Homes

There are lots of little habits that you can create. But we’ll go over just a couple today just so that you can kind of get your wheels spinning. 

Have a Place for Your Paper

Habits lady organizing documentsSo you come into your house carrying newspapers, mail, coupons, etc from outside. Take them and put them in one spot in your house. 

Do not lay them on the kitchen counters or take them to the bedroom to scatter throughout the house. 

Bring all your papers to one designated area. This area should have a couple of things. There should be a filing system and a paper shredder.

Filing System

Habits filing papersLet’s say that you have a bill that comes in and it’s due in two weeks, and you’re not going to deal with that today.

You need a place to file this so that in two weeks you will know that you need to pay it. 

Now, do you need a fancy filing system? No, you do not.

I have a milk crate that has some hanging file folders in it.In the file folders, I have large envelopes.

On the flap of the envelope, I have written what the bill is for. So for example, for my power bill, I have written the name of the power company on the envelope.

And so, at a quick glance, I can see that. And everything has a place. Everything is exactly where it needs to be.

There’s also a paper shredder there so that you can shred things immediately. Things like credit card offers and anything privacy related. 

If you have a system in place, these things don’t pile up.

Have a Schedule

Another habit of people who have clean homes is that they have a schedule. 

So maybe every Sunday morning, you sit down and go through your accounting. You pull out those bills and pay the ones that are due. 

So, it is an excellent system, but it is simple. 

Software Programs

Habits filing stuffYou can also use software now like the Quicken. 

It sucks all your bills in so that all you have to do is verify payment. 

You can set them on an auto pay, or it can trigger when you need to pay them if you write the checks.

So there are software programs that make accounting easier. There’s no sense going through all kinds of pain and misery because you’re disorganized. So just get organized have a place for your paper.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Habits home officeThe next thing that I recommend is to not have any extras of anything. 

Say you have four different bedrooms in your house because you have many people who live in your house. All these people do not need a paper shredder, stapler, etc. 

I bet there is a lot of extra stuff in your house that you do not need. Instead of each person having one of everything, you can make space in your office area. Each person can have their own bin or milk crate. 

So when each person brings in a paper that is theirs, they can put it away in its place. When they bring in their own mail it can go in their bin. And that way they can sort through it. They can shred stuff, they can file stuff, and they can put stuff away. And all the paper from the whole house is in one place.


Duplicates in the Kitchen

Organized Hoarders stacks of dishesSo, don’t have any duplicates of anything.

And this goes for the kitchen as well. It’s fun when you go shopping to pick up another cheese grater or another cutting board. But you don’t need 12 cutting boards and you don’t need four cheese graters. You can only use one at a time.

So, get rid of all the extras.

Spring cleaning is a good time to pull all that stuff out and take an inventory. Get rid of all those things you don’t need.

Clean as You Go

Stack the Deck Happy man washing dishesAlright, another tip for people who have clean houses is to wipe surfaces down as you go.

And so, let’s say you’re putting your makeup on in the morning. And all your makeup is on the counter. When you’re done putting your makeup on, put it all back in a little bag wipe the counter down and you’re done. That was so easy, right?

If you’re cooking a meal, cook the meal. You’re going to rinse the dishes out. Put them in the dish drainer. Wipe the cupboard down, and you’re done. Right? That was so easy.

Because it is easy. It’s easy to maintain and it always looks nice. That is a habit of successful people who always have clean homes.

Make Your Bed

Habits lady arranging pillowsMake your bed every morning. It’s just a rule, just do it.

It will make your whole entire bedroom look clean if you make your bed every morning. It will also prevent you from putting things on your bed that doesn’t belong.

Stuffed animals, toys, shoes, clothes, dishes, electronics those don’t belong in your bed, right? Your bed is for sleeping, not for storing a bunch of weird crap. So, get all that stuff off your bed.

When you get up in the morning make your bed. Boom we’re done! See? That was so easy. I love this.

These habits just make your life so easy.

Stuffed Animals

Habits no stuffed animals allowedAlright, I just mentioned stuffed animals. I have to tell you something about stuffed animals because I’m not a fan of stuffed animals.

If you have a small child and they’re addicted to one little-stuffed animal, that’s great! Give them that one stuffed animal, but they don’t need a hundred. 

Here’s the problem with having a hundred stuffed animals. They might be cute, but they collect a lot of dust. And there’s not a good way to clean them unless you have a vacuum attachment and you’re diligent about it.

Unless you have a good reason and can wash them on a regular basis, get rid of them.

They collect dust and they hold little bugs and varmints. And they’re not easy to clean and they take up space.

Bugs and Fleas and Ticks… Oh, My! 

Habits itchy dogWe’ve talked about bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide in fabric and they hide inside stuffed animals. 

They can also hide in anything that your pets bring in the house. Say that unbeknownst to you, your dog brings in little fleas or ticks. They can then attach and hide in stuffed animals. 

Extra Pillows and Blankets

Habits pinterest bedroomNobody needs 10-12 pillows on their bed! It might look pretty, but they collect a lot of dust. When you are going to bed every night, where are you putting all these pillows? On the dirty carpet? 

Maybe you have a guest room and you want it to look pretty. Make a judgment call.

 Why do you need that many pillows? I know how people want to make these Pinterest looking bedrooms. So, make a rule of like six pillows per bed at the most. 

Too many pillows are just obnoxious. And like I said, they collect dust. Get rid of all that extra stuff.

Your Nightstand

Habits nightstandWhile we are talking about your bedroom, let’s think about your nightstand. It sits next to your bed and is a magnet. 

It collects all kinds of weird things. Chapstick, hand lotion, books, retainers, dentures, things like that, all land there.

There’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong on your bed stand. So, move that where it belongs.

Your Teeth Do Not Belong On the Nightstand

Habits dentures in a cup of waterThey belong in the bathroom. And that way it’s not sitting next to your bed collecting dust during the day, right?

Now, what needs to be on your bed stand? Whatever you need that night. Your cell phone or an alarm clock. That might be it. Maybe earplugs, maybe an eye mask. I don’t know, but there don’t need to be all kinds of seashells and weird little things that just collect dust. Because that’s right next to your head where you sleep, and if there’s all this dust and stuff guess what? You’re inhaling it.

So, get rid of it. Clear off the nightstand. Keep it clean. Maybe there’s a lamp on there. That’s it. You don’t need a whole bunch of stuff.

I Could Go On

Alright, so we can go on and on and on and there are a whole bunch of little tips.

I hope this gives you a place to start.

Just start thinking, am I doing any of these things?

Could I be doing any of these things?

And would any of these things help me to have a cleaner house?

So that’s it for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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