Handyman – Can I Hire My House Cleaner?

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Handyman help when you need an extra set of hands. Who do you know with a tool belt and a toolbox? Hint: Your handyman may also own a cleaning caddy, along with a particular set of skills. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at urgent and rainy day special projects from your "honey-do list." Your house cleaner may also be your best handyman because they know how to fix stuff. As a savvy cleaner, you can market your cleaning business full time. And your home repair, "help out" projects during cancellations.

Handyman help when you need an extra set of hands. Who do you know with a tool belt and a toolbox?

Hint: Your handyman may also own a cleaning caddy, along with a particular set of skills.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at urgent and rainy day special projects from your “honey-do list.” Your house cleaner may also be your best handyman because they know how to fix stuff.

As a savvy cleaner, you can market your cleaning business full time. And your home repair, “help out” projects during cancellations.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Handyman – Can I Hire My House Cleaner?


This question comes from a homeowner who wants to know; “I need some extra help around my house just an extra set of hands. And I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to ask my house cleaner or my maid. Can they help me with some special projects like assembling furniture from Ikea?

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Answer: Handyman – Your Maid is a Perfect Fit For Some Projects

Okay, so the answer is yes. There are lots of maids and house cleaners that do special projects for extra money.

What Types of Handyman Projects Can House Cleaners Do?

Handyman jobs house cleaners can do - assembling furniture from IKEA

Special projects can include a wide array of things that you need to be done that you either don’t want to do. Or you don’t have the skills to do.  

And so, I would ask your house cleaner “Do you do special projects? And what is the scope of the projects that you do?”

Over the years, I have helped people put furniture together. Sometimes my customers buy boxes of furniture that come from Home Depot, Walmart, Target or Ikea. Or somewhere like that and they just need assembly.

There are people that don’t have tools and they’re not equipped to put it together or they’re not good at following instructions.

So, it is perfect if somebody has those skills and likes puzzles. They can put stuff together and help you with those things.

Pay a Fair Wage to Your Handyman If You Want Them To Come BackSavvyCleaner.com Payment with Square Swipe

If it’s an independent company and they are the owner of the company, ask away.

Find out what they’re willing to do for a price that you’re willing to pay. And let them know up front “here’s what this project is worth to me is that a fair price?”

Because the truth is a lot of house cleaners don’t know how to price special projects. Because they don’t know how long the project is going to take. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to put an office desk together. It might take me an hour might take me 3 hours I don’t know.

Agree to a price up front that is fair to both of you – even if the project takes a bit longer than your estimate.

Get Handyman Clearance First – From Their Boss

Handyman jobs house cleaners can do - gavel used in civil casesIf the person that you’re hiring is not the owner of the company get permission from their boss.

Because they may have signed a non-compete or a non-side project agreement, with their owner. And if they break that agreement by doing side work for an existing client they could lose their job.

Or they could go to small claims court or civil court or whatever it is. Then they are fine for breaking a contract.

So, you want to check with their supervisor first if they’re part of a franchise. And just say “Hey listen, this is a special project. It has nothing to do with the regular routine cleaning. I just need an extra set of hands for the day can I hire this person that works for you?”

Check for Handyman Skills from your House Cleaner

They might say “yeah sure, that’s not a problem and most people if you’re up front they don’t have a problem. And they will work it out amongst themselves so that that maid or house cleaner is not reassigned to another home. 

Alright, so the next thing that you want to find out is does the house cleaner have the set of skills that you need?

I don’t know why, but I grew up with handyman skills. (Maybe having twelve Brothers.) I grew up knowing how to use hammers and nails and screwdrivers and wrenches and tools and fix it things. Because as stuff would break, we would fix it ourselves.

Handyman side projects is a natural fit for me. 

Does Your Maid Have Handyman Stuff?Handyman tool belt

So, I have my own toolkit. I’m a proud owner of my own toolkit. Woohoo!

And now that I married, my husband has his own set of tools.  (And he is not allowed to touch mine.)

This way I know where all my tools are.

And I don’t have to worry about someone else using my tools and then misplacing them. And if I go on a job and he’s at home, he has his own tools he can use. 

What Types of Handyman Jobs Can a Cleaner Do?

Handyman jobs house cleaners can do - woman hanging picturesYou never know. Over the years I’ve done all sorts of odd jobs like hanging pictures. And assembling furniture. 

I’ve replaced electrical outlets and installed dimmable lights with timers. 

I’ve repaired broken bookshelves. Changed flat tires and even done a bit of plumbing work.  I’m not a licensed plumber, but I can unscrew the U-shaped pipe, underneath your sink and clean out the hair in the clogged drain. And put that back together without creating any leaks.

There are simple tasks that a maid or a house cleaner or someone with handyman skills can do.

There Are Lots of Male Handyman / House Cleaners

Now we’re in an era where there are a lot of male house cleaners. Males for some reason, (I’m not saying women can’t do it because I’m a woman and I do it,) but there are a lot of males who grew up fixing things. And they are handy. As a result, there are a lot of men who sell their house cleaning services and handyman services.

So, if you know this person and you trust them and they’re a regular person in your home there a perfect fit. You’ve already vetted this person. This person has already proved their reliability and their trust to you.

You’re already comfortable having them with your family and your kids and your pets. So, yeah there a perfect fit.

It also really helps the house cleaner. Because there are times in the house cleaning business where it’s slow. Where customers cancel.

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Make a Handyman Rainy Day List

If you have an urgent project, you may pay more for your handyman services. Because you are taking your house cleaner from their regular cleaning schedule.  Handyman jobs house cleaners can do - woman hangs blinds

But if you have “to do” lists that can wait until a rainy day when your cleaning technician has cancellations, you both win.

In our company, we had somebody that went over and hung blinds for a new client that moved into a nearby house. And they wanted to replace all their blinds. We had done the move out clean in that house and had left our worksheets behind. It had our contact information on it – so they called us. 

They were new to town and didn’t know who to call. 

The blinds job meant measuring the windows, and matching them up to the already purchased and cut blinds. She then installed brackets at the top of the window frame and hung the blinds.

But it didn’t take a lot of skill. And it only took a couple of hours. But she did the project during a cancellation. And she still earned some money when she wouldn’t have been working.

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No Salary for House Cleaners (or Handyman)

And here’s why that’s a beautiful thing. The house cleaners that you have they don’t get paid a salary they get paid based on the work that they do.

So, if they work Monday through Friday they get paid Monday through Friday. But if there’s a cancellation, they don’t get paid for that house because nobody gets paid for that house.

When you cancel on your house cleaner, they take a financial hit for the loss of money. 

Yet, they still have bills to pay. 

So, if you have extra projects that you could hire your maid can do – hire them.

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Give Your House Cleaner Your Handyman “To-Do” List

“Hey, I’ve got six or seven different projects that need to be done.
Put me on your cancellation list. And as you have cancellations in your regular business, bring that box of tools over and come help me fix up my house.”

And that that way everyone wins, so it’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, that’s my tip for today. Until we meet again leave the world a cleaner playing than when you found it.

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