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Home Security Cameras Watch House Cleaners

Home security cameras are part of a house cleaner education. #AskaHouseCleaner about home security cameras and they will say homeowners watch and observe. It’s more about protection for their house than watching the maid or the power to violate rights.

Angela Brown, the house Cleaning Guru says cameras are everywhere. It’s included now in maid service training because how you clean in front of home security cameras is part of your brand. 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Home Security Cameras Do Watch House Cleaners


Do yourself a favor and keep the code in a locked app on your phone like KEEPER for protected passwords that only you can access. Because if your smartphone goes missing the last thing you want is for your contact list to get out, with lots of home alarm codes programmed in next to client’s addresses. Please don’t do that.


Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras security system
Happy House Cleaner seen working on home security cameras

Home security cameras, they are in every house you clean now, and we are going to talk about that today.

Now home security cameras are on the front of house cleaners minds. A maid called me this last week, irate because she felt violated when filmed while she was cleaning.

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Answer: Home Security Cameras Do Watch House Cleaners

Home Security Alarm SavvyCleaner.comPeople take their home security very seriously and you should too. Remember that a person’s home is usually their most valuable asset and they want to protect their privacy and stuff.

Home security is the responsibility of every house cleaner. Because if a client gives you a key to their house (an actual key) keep it in a secure place at all times. And if anyone steals, copies or uses that key to get in the house, you will be liable.

If a client gives you an alarm code, ask if they will create one just for you. Most home security alarm systems allow for a “house cleaner” code to be programmed, so you are only responsible for access into the home with that specific code — during the time when you are authorized to be there cleaning. Like a key, you will want to guard that code.App for house cleaners for home security passwords

We live in an era of home security cameras. Now a person’s home is their most prized possession.

And they want to protect their home from theft and from breakage and from all different kinds of things.





Home Security Cameras with Remote Viewing Home Security Cameras home security systemHome Security Cameras girl taking selfie

Now with the technology they can watch and observe while they’re away, via their smartphone. Home security cameras are now a fraction of the cost that they used to be. Some of them are connected to services that set off an alarm and call the police if someone breaks in. Others are set up so the person can just watch to make sure that you’re actually cleaning while you’re there. 

This particular house cleaner was fired from a job because she was on her smartphone.  She was on social media and hanging out and taking selfies while she should be cleaning.  And the customer picked her up on a home security camera, and then confronted her with it.

She denied the allegations and the customer said, “No, no, no, I have it right here on my phone.” And playing back the videotape of her sitting there for over half an hour. Doing social media, when she should have been cleaning.

Home Security Cameras woman blocking the cameraDo Home Security Cameras Violate Your Rights?

So she lost the job and now wants to sue the homeowner for violating her rights. Okay, that’s not going to happen.

How it happens is this. People have a right to videotape their own home. This is their private space, it’s in their name. It’s their property and it belongs to them by all records of the state, if they want to put a video camera up, that’s fine.

Different Types of Home Security CamerasHome Security Cameras Sign Up

Now, there are about 200 different types of hidden cameras. I’ve made a list for you if you would like it.  Click here for the link. Click on it, a little window pops up, you can plug in your email address and we’ll automatically send it to you. The list will show you all the different types of hidden security cameras that you are unaware of. 

They are little things like coat racks, toilet paper holders and things like that. They will not expose a person. But they will show a person cleaning or a person breaking in.  It can show different things going on in the house from a variety of different angles. They’re not all designed for house cleaners.

Home Security Cameras troubled teenDon’t Take it Personal

Sometimes cameras are there because the homeowners have troubled teenagers that are doing drugs. Or they’re bringing friends over or they’re sneaking out at night and things like that.

These are things that a house cleaner can’t take personally. But again, the homeowner is protecting their space and their family, and they have a right to do that.

So when you go to a customer’s home and their security cameras on, you have to just assume that everyone has a camera. And that you are on camera at all times, under all circumstances. If you’re doing your work, then there’s nothing to worry about. It will be a pleasure watching you clean their home.

Do Your Job and It Will Work in Your FavorHome Security Cameras sweeping under rug

Now, I will share this with you as well. If you are efficient, if you are thorough, and if you do an excellent job, your videotapes become your demo reels.

In the acting arena, we have what’s called demo reels. It’s where actors will grab little different clips. These are the bits that they’ve done in performances. They will piece them together and they will send them to casting directors. The casting directors look at that. And say, “Wow, that’s an awesome job, I would like to have that person in the movie or show that I’m directing or casting.”

It is the same with homeowners who have house cleaners that come to their house. They show these to the people they have at work. “So check out my house cleaner, did you know that she pulls up the rugs and she sweeps underneath them?” Their friends say, “Well I don’t think my house cleaner’s ever cleaned underneath my rug. I’ve got to hire your house cleaner.” That becomes your demo reel.

Demo Reel Home Security CamerasLeave a Great Showcase

So when you show up to a customer’s house, instead of getting all high and mighty and saying “I don’t want to be on camera because that violates my rights.” Don’t say or think it. This is your demo reel. You are auditioning for the job, and the work that you leave behind is your showcase.

All right that’s my two cents for today and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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