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11 Ways to Overcome a 1-Star Review for House Cleaning

“How do I overcome a 1-star review for house cleaning? I’m trying to grow my cleaning business with ratings and reviews but I got a 1-star review filled with hate and animosity.”

We Ask a House Cleaner about DIY reputation management and how to resolve a bad review on Google, and Yelp.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a 1-star review isn’t going to kill you. Focus on your satisfaction guarantee, customer service, attention, and care. Oh, and a QR code. A satisfied customer is your best weapon against the schema.

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If My Life Depended On It

If My Life Depended On It – Problem Solving Cure

If my life depended on it could I find a solution? Problem-solving comes in all shapes, especially when you’re a house cleaner.
“If my life depended on it” forces us to get creative in our troubleshooting with client problems. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru teaches that better questions = better answers.
Today on Ask a House Cleaner we learn to ask “If my life depended on it…” and then expect an answer. House cleaning and maid service tips to help you grow your cleaning business.

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