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Party Hosting Upsell from House Cleaning

How do you upsell to party hosting from house cleaning? I’ve got a client who wants me to do party hosting for their Passover party and I don’t know how to price hosting. I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and a job like this (if we can get the terms of agreement right) would be a gift.
What pro cleaning tips would you give to a maid upselling party hosting from a clean?
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru on today’s Ask a House Cleaner talks party clothes. Tips, gifts, cleaning and being a designated driver.
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MLM’s: House Cleaners with a Side Hustle

MLM’s and house cleaners it’s the perfect side hustle, right? The maid gets a starter kit and builds the MLM’s downline in a “recruit your friends” manner. If the products are in alignment with the house cleaning the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or direct selling is not a scam. 

We Ask a House Cleaner about MLM’s, webinars, workshops, pow-wows, and conferences. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives tips to grow your cleaning business and advises against a pyramid scheme. 

Today’s sponsors are My Cleaning Connection, HouseCleaning360, and Savvy Cleaner Training. 

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I Should Have Said No – Weirdest Cleaning Requests

I should have said no to the weirdest cleaning requests.

As a house cleaner or maid, we aim for customer service and customer satisfaction. But the day will come when you’ll have a cleaning mistake that will leave you saying “I should have said no.”

Today on Ask a House Cleaner tips include a house cleaning waiver and knowing when to walk away.

Housework Twilight Zone style will leave you with regret, lessons learned and saying “I should have said no.”

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Expectations – How to Manage Cleaning Clients Wishes

Expectations are a tricky thing in house cleaning and maid service. Our clients hire us to clean their homes, but how do you manage their wishes, hopes and the projects they pay for? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, takes a look at cleaning client’s expectations. Today we learn about upselling without over promising. Learn how to grow your cleaning business, in way that is easy to duplicate. And be so clear that your customers can share your rules with their friends. This means more referral business for you.

Expectation management is more than meeting the client’s requests. It’s about setting realistic expectations and boundaries.

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