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Party Hosting Upsell from House Cleaning

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Woman With Clipboard Talking to ManHow do you upsell to party hosting from house cleaning? I’ve got a client who wants me to do party hosting for their Passover party and I don’t know how to price hosting. I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and a job like this (if we can get the terms of agreement right) would be a gift. 

What pro cleaning tips would you give to a maid upselling party hosting from a clean?

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru on today’s Ask a House Cleaner talks party clothes. Tips, gifts, cleaning and being a designated driver.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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How Do You Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning?

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Woman Wiping CounterUpsell to party hosting, what does that cost? We’re going to talk about that today. 

All right, today’s question comes from a house cleaner who is going to upsell her service to party hosting. Here’s her question.

“Hi Angela. My question is, I have clients I’ve been cleaning on a regular basis. And they have asked me if I would be willing to host a Passover party for them. And they want to know how much I would charge for hosting services? Since this is something outside my typical scope of services, I’m not sure how to go about charging for hosting. so, any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.”

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Party Hosting is a Great Upsell for A House You Clean

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Woman on PhoneAll right. I love the fact that you’re going to upsell your services to party hosting for a house you clean. And that you’re going to help these people with a Passover party. 

Now, what to charge is going to come down to, what is your time worth? And what have you agreed to do for this particular family?

Now, I’m guessing the reason that they’re hiring you is that they already know, like and trust you. And they expect that you’ll be an extension of their family when you are representing their Passover party. 

So, what to charge? It’s up to you. You could go with your same cleaning rates. Or you could decide that you’re going to charge a flat fee for the entire evening. 

And then you have to determine and agree with the family just like you’re doing a walkthrough, what are the terms and agreements of the event? 

Party Hosting in an Open Book – Write Your Own Services

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Bartender Garnishing DrinkWill you be serving drinks? 

Will you be serving food? 

And will you be checking the restrooms to make sure that there’s toilet paper stocked? If there is any stuff or debris that’s left in the bathroom, will you tidy that up during the party?

Are you going to be bringing gifts in? Are you going to be making a note of who brought the gifts in, so that there’s a list of thank you notes later on? What will other clean up tasks you agree to do? 

Are you going to be a busboy and take dishes, cups, and glasses off the tables where the food is going to be?

There are dozens of chores you can add on as a party host helper.

Party Hosting Can Include After Party Clean Up

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Dirty Dishes from PartyAre you going to be cleaning up when everybody goes home? 

And will you put food away and clean out the refrigerator to make sure that there’s room for the extra party hors-d’oeuvres? Will you give people a ride home if they’re too intoxicated to get in their own vehicle when the party is over?

These are all add-ons that you can add on to your party hosting as part of an upsell. So, it determines what the agreements of your arrangement are. And how much are you going to charge? 

Because every little thing adds up.  And you can just make a running tally and say, “I will do all these things for this amount of price.” So, instead of just standing there at the door and just welcoming people, like, “Oh, hi, may I take your coat?” Suddenly you have provided an invaluable service that is worth so much more money. 

And the higher you raise your tab, just like you do at a restaurant, the higher the tip they give you at the end of the evening.

Set the Expectations of Party Hosting

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Woman Looking in ClosetSo, you want to make sure that you know what it is that’s expected of you. You want to make sure that they know what to expect of you, and you want to agree on a price before the party begins. 

Then also ask them, what would you like me to wear at this party? Not specifics, but do you want me to wear casual clothing. Do you want me to be in party clothing? What is the appropriate attire for your party? And you may need to go out and buy a new dress for that. If that’s the case, you need to factor that into the price for their party.

Agree on a Payment and Price for Party Hosting

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Women Shaking HandsThe next thing that you need to factor in is how are they going to pay you. Is this going to be on a credit card

Are they going to pay you the next time that you come to clean their house? Will they be giving you money at the end of the evening in the form of cash or a check? 

I suggest a credit card – because the night of party – everybody is too busy and too drunk to make much sense of paying you.

So, you need to make sure you work out all those details.

Because believe it or not, this is another job. 

This is another job with all the same boundaries, and rules that come with your house cleaning business. 

So, just because it’s a little bit different, and it sounds like it’s a lot of fun, doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply. They all still apply.

What to Charge for Party Hosting?

Upsell to Party Hosting from House Cleaning, Platter of AppetizersSo, what you charge, I have no idea. I have done parties myself in the past and it was a flat fee for the evening. And I did make a whole list of things like “Oh my goodness, you can’t have your party without me, because look at all the things I’m going to do.” And then, here’s what happens. The next time they have a party, they think in the back of their minds, they can’t have a party without you either. 

So, then they’ve got to call you back for next year’s party. And the year after party. And every annual party that they have, they think they’ve got to have you because you provide all this value and they need your party help.

Good luck. It sounds like so much fun and I love the fact that you’re upselling an existing service that you have. And best of all you’ll be making money while you’re having fun. 

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