The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners

The big bailout for house cleaners is closer than you think and it’s right under your nose.  It’s still important to take care of yourself and maintain good health. And maids who are struggling to cope with anxiety can begin healing from a crisis right where they are. 

Housekeepers can kickstart their recovery by establishing healthy routines. Practicing self-care, and taking steps towards self-empowerment, and building up self-confidence is key.

Overcoming depression that comes with financial difficulties is hard enough. Stress management will help the frustrated house cleaner make the most of this time. So, use this time to reinvent your cleaning business and start planning for the future.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Woman on Computer ThinkingHave you heard about the big bailout for house cleaners? Do you belong to several Facebook groups where there are cleaning business owners, house cleaners and maids?   Right now everyone is alarmed.

Everyone is disillusioned by the crisis that we are going through at a global level. Now, house cleaners, for the most part, have always been in a safe business. And it’s been safe because if you have a nine-to-five job and you get fired, then suddenly, your income is gone.

And the house cleaning business, if you have a customer that cancels, it’s very unfortunate. But you have a whole bunch of other customers that are still going to pay your bills. So, it’s been a failsafe business even during recessionary times.

A Lot of Customers are Cancelling Right Now

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Sign Closed Due to Covid-19 RestrictionsAnd so what’s happening right now where we have lots of customers canceling and everybody staying home. It’s thrown up this weird energy where house cleaners are feeling like they have become non-essential and that no one cares. COVID-19 has changed residential house cleaning.

And the truth is there are a lot of small business owners that are in this situation right now. And so they’re not working, they are at home. They’re quarantining right now and they’re sitting here scratching their head saying, “What’s going to happen next and what am I supposed to do next?”

What to Do in These Times of Uncertainty

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Man with Belongings Leaving JobSo, there are a lot of house cleaners that are saying to themselves, “My business was being paid for by earnings that came in every day. And so I don’t have any reserve or anything saved up to pay my bills for the next couple of months.

Do I file for unemployment? Do I file for a small business loan? Should I file for government help? What do I do to survive?” And there’s this angst and it’s overwhelming and depression and frustration settles in.

But at this time the biggest bailout for house cleaners has already happened. And you may not be aware of it so you are not participating in it.

Go Back to the Basics to Bail Your Company Out

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Woman ThinkingSo, come back to the basics and remind yourself that your business has been granted a multibillion-dollar machine, your business.

Now, stop for a second and say that you own a couple of nice cars and they could only take one kind of fuel. If you were to put a garden hose inside your car and then try to drive that car down the road. It would putter to a stop and it would kind of fall apart and you would ruin the engine. 

So the reality is this multibillion-dollar machine that your business has been granted is a self-correcting machine. If you cut it and it bleeds, it heals itself and within a matter of days, there’s nothing there like nothing ever happened. It heals itself.

You are the Big Bailout for Your Company

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Woman Jumping, How's Your Multi-Billion Dollar MachineThis multibillion-dollar machine is more valuable than any piece of equipment that you could buy. This machine can think all on its own. And so, what would you pay for a machine like that? Oh my goodness! Imagine what you could do in your business.

So the good news is this, the bailout came from the birth parents that gave you life. Every single one of you is sitting on right now, a multibillion-dollar machine. And there are people out there that have earned billions of dollars.

How did they do it? How did they create billions of dollars when they look like you? Well, guess what, they have the same resources you do. They have the same eyes, ears, nose, mouth, brain.  They all have the same package. Everyone is working with the same kind of things.

How to Use Your Big Bailout

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Bed Pillow Over Head So what are you doing with your multibillion-dollar machine? During this time, there are a whole bunch of people that are going into a state of annihilation, saying, “This is too much stress. I can’t deal with it. I’m going to go in and take a nap and I’m going to bury myself in my sleep.”

And they’re sleeping for hours on end. And then when they wake up, they’re exhausted and they haven’t moved around. So there’s no blood circulating through them. So they feel lethargic and they go back to bed again.

Use This Time Wisely

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Man Looking at CanThere are people that are using this time, and this is the most creative time in history that we’ve ever had. There are people that are going to come out of this crisis and there are going to be booming in business. Because they’ve used this time to plan and to figure out a way to use this to optimize on whatever happens next.

And there are people that are drinking themselves to oblivion.  Is that what you want to pour in the fuel tank of this multibillion-dollar machine during a time of crisis?

That’s like putting in a great big lockout mode and saying, “Hey, you know what? We’re going to dump this machine off the side of a cliff.”  which is not healthy at all.

Get Your Big Bailout Up and Cranking

The Big Bailout for House Cleaners, Man with an IdeaThis is a time when more than ever you need to get your multibillion-dollar machine up and cranking. If you haven’t been utilizing the power that it can provide, this is the time you need to stop and join all your energies and your resources and say, “What do I know? What are my skills? What can I bring to this situation? How can I navigate the next couple of months?”

Because the next couple of months are going to get a little bit scary because of the last couple of months. So everything works a couple of months out where you have jobs, in those jobs the money comes in, you take the money, you pay the bills for the future. Those jobs didn’t come in, so paying the bills for the future right now is the concern.

This is the time when you want to take the multibillion-dollar machine and you want to get super creative. You want to use every resource that it can provide you to help move you through the next few months. That’s what superstars do in a crisis.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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