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Should Airbnb Guests Clean Up After Themselves?

“Should Airbnb guests clean up after themselves? Airbnb cleaning is so expensive and we have to charge an Airbnb guests clean up fee. Is it our job to clean up after them or should Airbnb guests clean up before they leave?”Airbnb Guests Clean Up, Guests Arriving at House

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives cleaning advice and cleaning tips for these house cleaning FAQ. 

The Airbnb cleaning business is booming right now. Because Airbnb guests want a vacation experience when they rent a room from you. And many don’t mind paying an Airbnb cleaning charge, but they don’t want to show up and do house cleaning. That’s what a maid service is for.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Should Airbnb Guests Clean Up After Themselves?

Should Air B&B clients clean up after themselves? That is a great question and we’re going to talk about that today. 

Guests that rent a room from your Airbnb are guests. They could have chosen a hotel, but they chose to stay with you. They are paying for a place to stay for the night, not to come clean for you. 

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Should Airbnb Guests Clean Up After Themselves?

Airbnb Guests Clean Up, Man Loading DishwasherNow, it’s great if they do clean up after themselves, but they are a guest. They will be arriving with luggage not cleaning caddies.

I do know a few house cleaners who clean Airbnb’s they’re staying at before they settle in. The paid cleaning crew assigned to the Airbnb didn’t meet their standard of excellence. But that’s the exception, not the norm.

In my Facebook group we have … This is a sidebar. We have groups of people that will go to a hotel or an Air B&B and they’re like. “Ah, you’re not going to believe what I saw when I went to stay at this place.” And they will do guest room clean up before they stay. 

Hopefully, if you hire a cleaning service for your Airbnb they do a good job.

“Airbnb Guests Clean Up” Does Not Sound Like a Fun Vacation

Airbnb Guests Clean Up, Woman Relaxing in HammockArriving guests are on vacation. And your job as Airbnb host is to provide an “experience.”  They don’t want to be washing dishes and cleaning up the bathroom and all that stuff, after themselves. Now, a lot of people are tidy by nature. When they’re done with their dishes, they are going to rinse them out or they’re going to put them in the dishwasher. 

Or they may make their bed in the morning. Some Airbnb Guest clean up the rooms by stripping the linens off the beds when they leave.

So, there are people that do that. And when you find those people, it’s a blessing. But for the most part, people are not going to come in and they’re not going to vacuum the floors and clean up after themselves.

Airbnb Guests Clean Up Can Be in Your Rental Agreement

Airbnb Guests Clean Up, Computer With Rental AgreementAdd a note in your rental agreement that your guest won’t trash the place. 

You don’t want guests partying, eating chips and Cheetos and drinking booze and leaving crap and crumbs everywhere. 

Nor do you want them doing physical damage to your property. 

If you note your expectations in your rental agreement you can avoid lots of grey areas. 

You Can Encourage Airbnb Guests Clean Up and Take the Garbage Out

Airbnb Guests Clean Up, Man Taking Out TrashWhere is the dumpster for the property? Do your guests know? Every place we’ve stayed we’ve taken our own trash out if we know where they keep the garbage bags and we know where the property cans are.

“Hey, garbage pickup comes on Tuesday. And there are bins right outside the door to the left if you would like to leave your trash there.” 

Now, you did not demand it and you did not ask it but you said. “If you would like to take out the trash…”

Encouraging guests to take out the trash will keep mystery smells, ants and rodents at bay. If you’re not housing a loose food supply for them, the critters will go elsewhere for food. 

Hire a Cleaning Service

Airbnb Guests Clean Up, House CleanerOne of the best investments you’ll make as an Airbnb host is in a house cleaner to tidy up between guests. Having a spotless place to stay for guests will show up again and again in online reviews. And positive online ratings and reviews on Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor will be one of your best advertisements.

The type of people that enjoy cleanliness, harmony, and peace are paying for a peaceful, restful place to stay. They are not coming to clean. And most of them will leave the place in good condition when they leave.

You can encourage that, but you can’t demand it.

And you can stock the linen closets and cabinets under the sinks with paper towels, cleaning supplies and garbage bags.

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