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Ask a House Cleaner, The Challenges of Hiring Staff, Savvy Cleaner

The Challenges of Hiring Staff – House Cleaning

“The challenges of hiring staff are hitting my house cleaning business pretty hard. I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and wonder what cleaning support services are available. What solutions do you have to deal with the challenges of hiring staff?”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru discusses the challenges of hiring staff on today’s Ask a House Cleaner.

Hiring challenges are a house cleaning FAQ and part of every cleaning and maid service business.

Today’s sponsors are Savvy Cleaner (house cleaning training.) House Cleaning 360 (a hub that partners house cleaners with homeowners.) My Cleaning Connection (a place full of cool cleaning information, products and stuff.) And Savvy Perks, Employee benefits for cleaning business owners the cleaning staff they hire.

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Ask a House Cleaner, None Ya Business, Savvy Cleaner

“None Ya Business” House Cleaning Job Interview Goes Sour

“None ya business” is an answer that can make any house cleaning job interview go sour. “But if I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and in the hiring process and a new hire answers a question with “none ya business” what do you do?”

“None ya business” is a flippant attitude that repels everyone. And you don’t want that employee mingling with your customers.” Says Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru, “or representing your company.

Today’s Ask a House Cleaner sponsors are HouseCleaning360 (list your business, find a customer.) Savvy Cleaner Training (Training and certification for house cleaners and maids.) My Cleaning Connection (a resource hub for all things cleaning.) And Savvy Perks (an employee discount program to create loyal employees in your company.)

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Ask a House Cleaner, Male House Cleaners, Savvy Cleaner

WHAT? No Male House Cleaners?

“What? No male house cleaners? As in no men cleaning house or male maids? How am I supposed to grow my cleaning company if I can’t include a male house cleaner?”
Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at the politically incorrect request “no male house cleaners.”
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says male house cleaners are aces at speed cleaning. They have excellent cleaning skills and many can clean circles around women. And she gives pro cleaning tips and cleaning advice to make it work.
Today’s sponsors are Savvy Cleaner (maid service training.) HouseCleaning360 (Find a cleaning service right for you.) Savvy Perks (Employee benefits for small business owners.) And My Cleaning Connection (a cleaning resource hub.)

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Ask a House Cleaner, Excuses, Savvy Cleaner

Excuses – House Cleaner Calls Out Again

Excuses. House cleaning employee calls out again with another excuse. The reasons are creative enough, but that doesn’t justify the lopsided workflow for the rest of your team. Do your cleaning service providers have too many excuses, explanations, and cop-outs? Has your schedule run amuck with lazy maids giving you the song and dance of why they can’t show up to work today?

The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown highlights your leadership role. Combined with probation you can create new rules and ensure a paradigm shift for your team and end all excuses.

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Ask a house Cleaner, Employee to Employer, Savvy Cleaner

Employee to Employer – Maid Starts Her Own Cleaning Company

Employee to employer – Are you a Maid going on your own to start a cleaning business? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown covers some tips to avoid a lawsuit. Learn ways to prevent competing with your current employer. Avoid breaking a non-compete clause, or employee theft, and leave with your previous employer’s blessing.
It’s easy to want to appropriate clients who know you and treat you like family but the support from your current employer is worth far more if you’ll follow these strategies.

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