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Handyman – Can I Hire My House Cleaner?

Handyman help when you need an extra set of hands. Who do you know with a tool belt and a toolbox?

Hint: Your handyman may also own a cleaning caddy, along with a particular set of skills.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at urgent and rainy day special projects from your “honey-do list.” Your house cleaner may also be your best handyman because they know how to fix stuff.

As a savvy cleaner, you can market your cleaning business full time. And your home repair, “help out” projects during cancellations.

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Party Help – Can I Hire My Maid?

Party help is as close as your housekeeper or maid. Lots of house cleaners moonlight planning parties and are a good extra pair of hands to help with a party.

Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, or birthday consider your cleaner for party help.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at tasks besides cleaning you can expect when you hire a Savvy Cleaner.

Decorator, to food prep, cleaning, hostessing and more party help. Maids clean up after the party as well.

Check out today’s tips before you throw your next big party or try to do it all yourself.

Ask a House Cleaner, Yardwork - Upsell for House Cleaners, Savvy Cleaner

Yardwork – Upselling for House Cleaners

Yardwork is something everybody with a yard needs. But not everybody can afford a landscaper.

During slow times in the cleaning business, your housekeeper or maid may sell other services like yardwork to supplement their income.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at odd jobs. Raking leaves, and shoveling snow as alternatives to cleaning.

Yardwork, gardening and pulling weeds can keep money coming in when you have cleaning cancelations.

Ask a House Cleaner, Move Out, Savvy Cleaner

Move Out Cleaning Tips and Tricks for House Cleaners & Maids

Move out cleanings can be a good source of revenue for maids, or they can be a nightmare. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we cover quick tips and house cleaner rules to make the move out process easier for everyone involved. With a move out checklist, the homeowner can make sure they don’t disconnect the electricity or the water too soon. We provide you with the move out instructions you can provide your client that will ensure you get paid for the cleaning you do, and land you a referral to the new tenant.

Bam! You’re now working smart not hard.

Ask a House Cleaner, Expectations, Savvy Cleaner

Expectations – How to Manage Cleaning Clients Wishes

Expectations are a tricky thing in house cleaning and maid service. Our clients hire us to clean their homes, but how do you manage their wishes, hopes and the projects they pay for? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, takes a look at cleaning client’s expectations. Today we learn about upselling without over promising. Learn how to grow your cleaning business, in way that is easy to duplicate. And be so clear that your customers can share your rules with their friends. This means more referral business for you.

Expectation management is more than meeting the client’s requests. It’s about setting realistic expectations and boundaries.

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