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Fear of Rejection – House Cleaners Face Negativity

The fear of rejection is common. And house cleaners face negativity every day. But how do you overcome the fear of rejection? Is is possible to reprogram your mind for a more positive outlook on life? 

Angela Brown says yes. On today’s Ask a House Cleaner she recommends overcoming the fear of rejection with self-help tapes while sleeping.  “You’re going to get negative feedback but you can reframe your thinking. Reprogram your subconscious mind. ”

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: The Fear of Rejection – House Cleaners Face Negativity

How do you deal with rejection? That’s a tough subject, but let’s talk about that today.  Our question today comes from a house cleaner who writes in. She says;” I keep getting complaints from cleaning customers. And I don’t mind fixing the complaints. I don’t mind the satisfaction guarantee. But I get my feelings hurt so bad that I cry for days. And then I don’t want to ever want to face the customer again. So, what do I do?” 

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The Fear of Rejection is Paralyzing

The Fear of Rejection, Woman UpsetIt’s a fair question, for this reason. Lots of house cleaners get involved in the house cleaning business because they are good at cleaning. And they are people pleasers. 

You want to help other people and you want to please them. You want to make them happy. And when they are happy, we’re happy. And when they are NOT happy – we feel horrible. I get that. 

This tells me you’re a good person. And being a people pleaser will make you an excellent house cleaner. But feeding off the negative energy from complaints will only make you sick and sorry.

The Fear of Rejection is Self-Propelled

The Fear of Rejection, Man UpsetAs humans, we have a choice of the thoughts we think. We have control over our emotions. And all day as you clean you’re working by yourself, playing tapes over and over in your head. If they are negative tapes, you reinforce negativity in your life. 

And manifested negativity shows up as sickness and pain. 

If you have a tendency to replay negative conversations you will reinforce the fear of rejection rather than the cure

You Can Erase the Fear of Rejection

The Fear of Rejection, Frustrated House CleanerThis is easier said than done but it starts with the desire to reprogram your subconscious mind.                                            

Instead of repeating conversations that went awry, or wishing you’d said something different – stop. Don’t play those tapes. Use your time instead to come up with new ideas. Create new word tracks of things you will say next time 

Spend time focusing on solutions, not problems. 

Being a people pleaser includes pleasing yourself. And you deserve to be happy. 

Now, here’s how this works. 

Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind

The Fear of Rejection, Reel RecorderThe tapes that you’re playing on in your head might be broken tapes. They might include filters from previous life experiences. And they may include faulty information you’ve collected from family and friends. There may have been a time in your life when you made a mistake and somebody shamed you. Or they beat you down emotionally. 

Now when a customer is not happy with your work, you go back to that time when you felt ashamed and you reconnect with those feelings. 

Well, stop it. Nobody is making you conjure up those old feelings. And there is no need to be ashamed or feel bad if a customer is unhappy. 

Fix what the customer needs and move on. It is that simple. 

What Happens When You Harbor The Fear of Rejection

Those tapes or words that came from someone else. It does make them true. Now, having said that if you keep playing those tapes what happens is you internalize those feelings and you make them true. You are the one that is keeping them alive.  Let them go. 

They’re not true, to begin with, they’re just words, someone else gave you those words. You have the power to say “I don’t think so, that doesn’t fit in my life anymore, moving on.” 

And you can erase those from your life, they don’t belong to you anymore. If a customer is negative towards you – that negativity belongs to them. You don’t have to buy into it.

How to Reprogram Your Attitude and Mind

The Fear of Rejection, Woman on LaptopSit down at your computer or where ever you take notes. And I want you to write out the notes in your word document or your notepad or whatever you use to take notes on. 

I want you to restructure everything in your life. 

Break it down to health and wellness. Write out a section on your job and your customers. Write down how you feel about life and your level of energy. And if you have diseases, erase your diseases with affirmations.

Write everything in a positive affirmation that assumes you have already accomplished this. 

“I’m enjoying perfect health.

I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. 

I love my customers and my customers love me and the work I do.”

You write it out as if you already have it all.

Fake it ’til You Make it

The Fear of Rejection, WakingUp Opening DrapesNow, in the beginning, there won’t be anything that says your affirmations are true. 

But the focus here is to change the tape. 

So, if you’re going to play a tape over and over in your head it can say “Aw, this person hates me.” Or you play a tape that says, “My customers love the work I do.” Which do you want to reinforce in your mind? 

You can say “I hope I make it through the day, I feel so awful.” Or you can say “I feel fantastic and everything in my body is running like a well-oiled machine.” Which results do you want? Because the tape you play will reinforce the results. 

you see where I’m headed with this?

Do You Know About Rode Rec?

There is a cool app for iOS called RODE Rec. And it is software that works with a microphone and plugs into your smartphone. You can use the earbuds with a microphone built into the cord. 

The app costs $4.99 onetime fee. And it becomes a professional recording system that allows you to record your new tapes.

You can record all your affirmations in one setting. 

Break down every area of your life and make affirmations that act as if all your dreams have come true. 

Tips for Recording

The Fear of Rejection, Woman Recording into PhoneYou can record all your affirmations. My suggestion is to revitalize every area of your life. 

Make affirmations for your relationships and business relationships. 

Make affirmations that show you getting along with your spouse and kids. 

Affirm the aches and pains in your physical body away. And disintegrate disease by reframing your attitude towards them.

Once you have written everything down as if it’s already happened. Then read it.

And as you read it, my suggestion is don’t read it in an excited voice. 

Read it in a calm, monotone type of voice. Because I want you to listen to it while you’re sleeping at night. It’s a form of hypnotherapy

Reprogram Your Mind While You Sleep

The Fear of Rejection, Woman Earbuds Cell Phone Going to SleepAs you go to bed every night, put your earbuds in and turn that tape on. 

You can add it to your iTunes library so it will auto replay when it reaches the end. 

Listen to it over and over. You can listen to it while you clean all day. 

Or listen to it while you are driving in your car. 

Let it play in the background of your conscious mind until you start to manifest what you create.

Your unconscious mind will pick it up and look for ways to manifest it in your life. (Whatever the tape is you are playing.)

 Your Subconscious Mind is Like Google         

The Fear of Rejection, Woman Waking UpWhen you plug a keyword or a question into Google – like magic it brings you back an answer. It may not be the answer you are looking for so it brings you several options. 

Your subconscious mind does the same. It will keep presenting you ideas and scenarios until you recognize one that fits into your life. 

If what it’s bringing you is sad feelings, negativity and broken records, it’s time my friend, to ask new questions. It’s time to make a new tape. And it’s time for you to have some new beliefs. 

Don’t click on the negativity. Don’t give it your precious waking thoughts. Let it go. Focus on the good. 

Improve Your Cleaning Methods

The Fear of Rejection, Male House Cleaner CryingYou mentioned, “you keep getting complaints.” It may be time to up-level your cleaning skills. 

You’re probably a good house cleaner but to survive in this game you’ve got to be spectacular. Create a tape that leads you towards that. Learn as much about cleaning as you can. 

Give each job your 100% attention. And learn to love what you do. 

You do have control over your job, your attitude, your thoughts and the way you internalize what people toss at you. 

I’m sorry you’re facing rejection and judgments, and it’s time for you to turn that all around. You’ve got this. 

Today is a turning point for you. I want you to take the time to make a tape and reprogram your thinking. It’s not an easy task, but it will revolutionize your life.

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