Who Does the Daily Chores? Maid or Homeowner?

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Who does the daily chores? Does the maid do any daily chores or only weekly chores, bi-weekly chores and monthly chores? And what are those daily chores? We Ask a House Cleaner about daily cleaning habits, and a daily cleaning routine. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a daily cleaning schedule and a daily job chart are for homeowners. Here are some house cleaning tips to maintain the housework. Today's sponsor is SpongeOutlet.com home of the highest quality, lowest cost Eraser Sponge on the market. Use promo code ABSAVE at checkout.

Who does the daily chores? Does the maid do any daily chores or only weekly chores, bi-weekly chores and monthly chores? And what are those daily chores?

We Ask a House Cleaner about daily cleaning habits and a daily cleaning routine. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a daily cleaning schedule and a daily job chart are for homeowners.

Here are some house cleaning tips to maintain the housework.

Today’s sponsor is SpongeOutlet.com home of the highest quality, lowest cost Eraser Sponge on the market. Use promo code ABSAVE at checkout.

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Who does the daily chores? Or the weekly chores? Who does the bi-weekly chores and the monthly chores? We’re going to talk about that today. Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Who Does the Daily Chores? Maid or Homeowner?

Who Does the Daily Chores woman on phone call“Hello Angela, congrats on your show, I love it, and I’m going to go straight to the question. I want to know the difference between daily chores, weekly chores, bi-weekly chores, and monthly chores, and so on. So, as a house cleaner, we can just have a list of the things we need to do and the frequency of them. Like the standard things that we’re supposed to be doing. 

Because I know customers believe that if we come on a monthly basis, we have to clean after them when they’re supposed to be doing this every single day. It would be great to hear your standards, and looking forward to it. Thank you so much and congrats again on the great information you always provide. Have a great day.”

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Daily Chores are a House Cleaning FAQ

Who Does the Daily Chores housekeeper cleaning shelfAll right, this is a question that comes up a lot. And people want to know what are the daily chores? What are the weekly chores? And who handles what?

All right, as a house cleaner, you are responsible for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly chores if that is how you’re hired. If you’re hired as a daily housekeeper, you’ll do the daily chores. But for all you homeowners out there listening, let’s take a walk through the daily chores. These are things that you are responsible for, that your weekly or bi-weekly house cleaner does not do.

Daily Chores for Homeowners

Who Does the Daily Chores woman making her bed in the morningOkay, so you wake up out of bed in the morning, the first thing that you do is you make your bed. That is a daily chore, and that is your responsibility. When you take off those pajamas, put those away, or throw them in the hamper, that is a daily chore, and that is your job. These are house chores everyone in the family can do.

Next step is the bathroom where you’ll take your shower.

Now, let’s say that you jump in the shower and you have a glass shower wall. When you get out of the shower, squeegee the glass doors. That’s a daily, or multi-daily chore. You do it after every shower, even if you take three showers a day.

And if you a shower curtain, your job is to close it when you’re done so that it can drip-dry and it doesn’t bunch up and turn into mold. That’s your job.

Daily Chores Are Clothes, Towels, and Bedding

Who Does the Daily Chores man taking showerThen when you get out of the shower and you dry off and you have a towel in your hand. Hang it up to dry – that’s your job.

Then, if you go down and you eat breakfast. Take your dishes back to the sink, Dishes are daily chores. Wash the dishes, or put them in the dishwasher. That’s also your responsibility. Wipe the breadcrumbs off the counter. These are kitchen daily chores and your job.

Other Daily Chores Include Vacuuming

Who Does the Daily Chores woman vacuuming carpetYou can negotiate the vacuuming with your house cleaner if you have a weekly house cleaner. But if you have a bi-weekly maid, don’t go two weeks without vacuuming your carpets. Because there’s a lot of dust that gets tracked in, there’s a lot of stuff that settles. And that can ruin your carpets if you don’t maintain them on a regular basis.

So, I would say three or four times a week, sometimes every day depending on how many kids and how many pets live in your house, and how much traffic is there. There are rooms of my house that get a lot of use, and I vacuum those rooms every day. Now, there are rooms of my house that don’t get much use at all, and so I vacuum every other week. And it’s just because nobody goes in those rooms, and it’s just a maintenance thing.

So, if there are rooms of your house, it may not be the whole house, it just maybe three or four rooms that get lots of use, that’s a daily chore.

Bathroom Daily Chores

Who Does the Daily Chores guy brushing his teeth in bathroomAll right, lots of stuff in the bathroom are daily chores. When you brush your teeth put your electric toothbrush back on the toothbrush holder. But before you do, clean off the base. It’s gunky and it’s one of your daily chores.

Wipe down the countertop down around you, so that you don’t have all kinds of toothpaste and gunk that collects. These sanitary daily chores and house washing help keep your bathroom space tidy.

This is your home, you live here, and so you want it to be as beautiful as possible, and that requires daily maintenance.

Daily Chores Wrap-up

  • Make your bedWho Does the Daily Chores woman washing dishes close up
  • Hang up or fold your pajamas and put them away.
  • Make breakfast.
  • Take your dishes to the sink
  • Wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher are daily cleaning chores
  • Take a shower
  • Squeegee the shower wall or drip dry the shower curtain.
  • Hang up your towels.
  • Brush your teeth. Clean the toothbrush charger.

Floor Touch Ups are Daily Chores

Who Does the Daily Chores man mopping the floor in living roomAll right, the daily chores are anything that needs touch up on a regular basis.

And I’m not going to suggest mopping is a daily chore, but I’m going to suggest touch up is. If you spill some coffee, or you spill some orange juice on the floor, daily chore. Grab a paper towel or a wet cloth, wipe that up right now.

Do not leave that for the house cleaner. Because everybody that walks over that space for the next week or two weeks are going to track that all over your floor. And then instead of having a little puddle to clean up, you’re going to have a whole floor of sticky mess that’s now collecting dust and dog hair.


Don’t Pay House Cleaning Prices for Daily Chores

Who Does the Daily Chores woman holding wallet with cashSo, daily chores, those are your chores. And you don’t want to pay a house cleaner’s expensive rates for things you can do as you go.

You’re the one that has to shower, and brush your teeth and get dressed. And the rest of the process is the daily chores that keep all those activities tidy.

When the house cleaner comes, they will do a bunch of other stuff. Yes, they’re going to vacuum your floors, but they’re also going to dust.

They’re going to be dusting things like your lights, and your ceiling fans, and your end tables. And they’ll be wiping down your furniture. And they’re going to be dusting your blinds, and all these other things. These are things that you do not do on a daily basis. That would go into a weekly or a bi-weekly category. And depending on whether you have a lot of traffic in your home if you have lots of kids and lots of pets, you may need a house cleaner every week.

Minimal Traffic – Can Equal Minimal Cleaning

Who Does the Daily Chores woman cleaning out fridgeIf you have minimal traffic, and minimal people that live in your house, you could go with bi-weekly cleaning. I don’t recommend a monthly cleaning. It’s too long between cleanings.

The problem with coming once a month is there’s a lot of dust that settles. And there’s a lot of maintenance, and it turns into almost a deep cleaning every single time.

What is a Deep Clean?

Who Does the Daily Chores guy in messy room calling housecleanerNow, a deep cleaning would include things like opening the cupboards and wiping the insides out and the insides of the cupboard doors. And pulling the stuff out of the refrigerator and throwing old, expired food away. It’s wiping down all the shelves. And defrosting the freezer and things like that. It’s a deeper cleaning.

And we don’t do that on a regular maintenance clean, which is bi-weekly, or even monthly. That doesn’t happen, it’s a special upsell project. But, my suggestion to you is this. If you have a house cleaner come once a month, it’s not going to take three hours to clean your house. It might take six, because they have to do everything all over again, to get it back up to maintenance standards.

So, if you’re a tidy, meticulous person, you do all the daily chores and a house cleaner can fill in the gaps every couple of weeks.

Split the Chores with Your House Cleaner

Who Does the Daily Chores housecleaner vacuuming carpetAnd so, my suggestion is don’t even go for the monthly cleans, they’re not helpful to you. because you get your house nice and then you have a month of build up between cleanings.

Negotiate with your maid service to split the chores so you’re not doing all the work, and you’re not paying them to do it all either.

Decide between you who does the daily chores, who does the weekly and bi-weekly chores. And then set a schedule when you will hire them to do the deep cleaning or special projects.

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