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Parasites. House cleaners are at risk with allergies, eyes watering, itching, brain fog and a host of other things that come with parasites. We Ask a House Cleaner about parasites and what house cleaners and maids can do to protect themselves. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says we all have parasites. We are hosts as humans to the microscopic organisms found in food, pets and more. Vitacost has a parasite cleanse of wormwood combination, garlic, cloves and black walnut hull. Feel great again with a DIY, OTC parasitic cleanse you can do at home. Today's sponsor is who provides mattress encasements to help prevent allergies.

Parasites. House cleaners are at risk with allergies, eyes watering, itching, brain fog and a host of other things that come with parasites. 

We Ask a House Cleaner about parasites and what house cleaners and maids can do to protect themselves. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says we all have parasites. We are hosts as humans to the microscopic organisms found in food, pets and more.

Vitacost has a parasite cleanse of wormwood combination, garlic, cloves and black walnut hull. Feel great again with a DIY, OTC parasitic cleanse you can do at home.

Today’s sponsor is  who provides mattress encasements to help prevent allergies.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Parasites – House Cleaners at Risk

All right, onto today’s question, which is about parasites.

Parasites, Fresh vegetablesNow, most house cleaners are freaked out by stuff that creeps and crawl. But parasites are not anything to be afraid of because we all have parasites.

If you eat food, you have parasites. Parasites are on fresh vegetables and fruits that we eat. It’s embedded in the meat and the proteins that we eat.

Parasites, Chicken pecking in the dirtIf you have chicken, even if it’s organic chicken, it has been outside in the dirt eating bugs and things. And as a result of that, it has consumed parasites. Even though the chicken is dead and cooked the parasites live on and then as we eat the meat it transfers into our body.

They’re microscopic organisms that crawl on the inside of us and they make us itch and stuff like that. Sometimes, when you have parasites you mistake them for allergies.

I got a question from a house cleaner who says, “I’m allergic to everything. I itch all the time.” She’s used lotions and all different kinds of potions, powders and pills to try to get rid of the itching. 

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Answer: Parasites – House Cleaners at Risk


Parasites get under finger nailsThe reality is it might be something as simple as parasites.

As house cleaners, we wear gloves to protect ourselves from parasites.

But they can get underneath your fingernails if you don’t wear gloves.

Parasites in the Garden

Parasites from Gardening, woman plants herbsIt’s common if you’re outside gardening and you’re out with the dirt.

Parasites can get underneath your fingernails and get into your bloodstream.

Parasites Eat What You Eat

Parasites under microscopeThey’re fond of sugar and yeast products.

For example, if you eat a lot of bakery items like bread, pizza crust, pies, doughnuts. That’s what they feed off of.

They love that kind of stuff. The more sugar and yeast products you consume, the more they multiply inside your body.

Humans Are Hosts to Parasites  

Parasites Vet takes care of dogI know this is such a weird topic and you are wondering what does that have to do with house cleaning?

But lots of pets also have parasites. If you’re in other people’s homes with pets, you can pick them up from anywhere.

Like I said, it’s nothing to be afraid of. We have deworming products that we know about for pets but as people, we don’t know as much. There are deworming programs for people and you should know about it.

I Can Share My Experience                              

Parasites Woman has coldIt’s weird because in house cleaning, we haven’t talked about this till now but it just hasn’t come up. I’m not licensed to say, “Take this.” 

But I can share with you what I have been taking for the last couple of years. I’ve had allergies for years and I just thought I was sneezing. My eyes were watery and itching.

But when I started to understand the nature of us being hosts as humans, I went on a parasitic cleanse.

Study 1 Spacer Savvy CleanerVITAVOST

There’s a program that I use that’s from VITACOST.

VITACOST is a  website that sells vitamins and stuff that are over the counter. You don’t need a prescription for it

And it costs about $60 to do the whole parasitic cleanse for a human.

The Parasitic Cleanse

Parasites, ClovesOne of the parasitic cleanse is cloves, 100% natural cloves. Parasites in your body do not like cloves. Another one is a wormwood combination. There’s a bunch of different stuff in here that parasites don’t like and they repel that and so it kills them off. Another one is black walnut hull. Again it’s over the counter. It’s 100% natural.

There are no side effects but you take these in a certain combination that is explained on that website. Garlic is another one of those things that parasites repel and they don’t like. Garlic smells bad but this is an odorless garlic.

So you take the combination of those things.

How to Maintain the Cleanse

Parasites, DonoughtsTo maintain the parasitic cleanse you want to cut sugar out of your diet.

I know you’re going to hate me for this because Americans love sugar. It’s in most of our foods. It’s in a lot of processed foods. And it’s in a lot of our syrups, ketchups, relishes and lots of things.

If you cut back on those and gluten products that have the yeast in them, your body will rebound. And it’ll start to repair itself.

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The New You

Our bodies are amazing instruments.

And so as you start removing and repairing your body, your body’s like, “Oh, this is a new me.”

Your energy will bounce back. And what you thought was allergies will go away and your immune system will rebuild itself.

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You are Your Business                              

Now, as a house cleaner, this is important because you are your business.

You are your company’s biggest asset. And so something as simple as a parasite cleanse might be worth it. 

I do one about every six months just to keep my system healthy and well. I do it so that I’m not bogged down with brain fog, confusion, or exhaustion.  These are a lot of the symptoms that are a direct result of parasites.

I Am Not an Expert

Parasites, Dr. OzIt’s interesting. There’s a Dr. Oz video that I’m going to link to in the show notes that goes into more depth in explaining.

And he’s got a lot more credibility on this stuff than I do.

I’m just a user of the products and I can speak first-hand about the difference it’s made in my personal life.

My Recommendation for Parasites                              

As a house cleaner, I recommend a regular program for you.

Like I said, we use deworming products for our pets. But as a person, you’re more valuable to your business than a pet. And so you too should have a deworming, DE parasitic program.

I recommend this so that you can regain and maintain your health. Then you’re healthy and well to go out in other people’s homes.

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All righty, that’s my two cents for today. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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