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Pet Hair Removal – 7 Best Ways

Pet hair removal is a constant struggle for homeowners as they leave the house covered in dog hair and cat fur. So how do you get rid of pet hair on furniture, clothing, and carpets?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at pet hair removal tips from cleaning professionals. Want to know what pet hair gadgets they’ve got in their cleaning caddy?

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shares #7 of the best ways to remove pet hair. Hint: some of the items you already have. (Think fabric softener, pumice stone, squeegee and vacuum with hose attachment.) 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Pet Hair Removal – 7 Best Ways To Get Rid of Pet Hair

Okay, so today’s question comes from a house cleaner who wants to know: “What is the best way to get pet hair off of furniture?”

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Answer: Pet Hair Removal – 7 Best Ways To Get Rid of Pet Hair

Pet hair on couch with cat sitting there

Okay, so that is an excellent question and there are seven ways to get pet hair off of furniture. And 5 of them are for professional house cleaners and two of them are for homeowners. So, I’m going to cover all seven of those ways with you.

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Pet Hair Removal Tip – Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves for pet hair removal

Okay, so the first thing as a professional house cleaner you’re already wearing nitrile gloves.

The nitrile gloves are a rubber and like sticky tape when you touch pet hair it will adhere to your gloves.

Now you don’t want to use the same nitrile gloves that you just used to clean the bathroom. Because if you use chemicals or there is bathroom ickiness on those gloves you don’t want to spread that all over your client’s furniture. Because that would not be cool.
Okay so put on a new pair of nitrile gloves it will cost you about a dime.

Start at the top of the furniture or the cushion and wipe your hands in a downward pattern. You don’t want to smear it all over, you want to go in one direction.
And as you scrape the pet hair off it will adhere to the gloves and it will come off in globs.

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Vacuum hose attachment for pet hair removalPet Hair Removal Tip – Vacuum With Hose Attachment

Pet hair removal tip number two is your vacuum. You want to have a vacuum with a hose attachment on it so you can just vacuum up that glob of hair. Or you can just pinch the glob of hair and throw it in the trash.

I like to vacuum it up because then it’s contained and it doesn’t float out of the garbage can and back onto the furniture. Because you’re going to have a lot of it.
So, let’s say that there’s a whole couch that’s full of cat hair. You can wipe it down with your nitrile gloves.

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Pet Hair Removal Tip – Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush Rubber brush for pet hair removal

The next thing I want you to know about is a rubber pet hair removal brush. It looks just like a hairbrush and made of rubber. And the bristles bend back and forth.

Think of the little basting brush that you use to baste the meat with when you’re having a cookout, how it has those little bendy bristles. This is the same kind of an idea.

And so when you brush the fur off of the furniture it comes right off because it adheres to that rubber.

Then you have to clean off the brush and again chunk it in the trash or vacuum it up with a vacuum attachment.

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ChomChom Pet hair remover hand held rollerPet Hair Removal Tip – ChomChom RollerChomChom Pet hair remover

The next pet hair removal tip is a product for homeowners and professionals alike.

It’s this amazing invention called the ChomChom Roller. And it’s a felt roller with a squeegee built in on one side, and the other side is a tiny trash bin that collects pet hair.

You just roll the ChomChom along the sofas, chairs, pillows, and car seats. And the felt and squeegee do all the work.

Once the trash bin is full, you just vacuum it out or pick out the hair with your fingers.

And the ChomChom should be inside every house cleaners cleaning caddy.

Because you just never know when you’re going to run into the chance to use it. And it’s way easier to grab it out of your bag for quick clean ups and last minute touches.

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Rubber Squeegee for Pet Hair RemovalPet Hair Removal Tip – Rubber Squeegee

Now, the other thing that I recommend is just a regular squeegee like a shower squeegee.

And as a professional, you already have a shower squeegee inside your cleaning caddy.

And so if you… let’s say there’s a dining room chair that a cat always sits on. You can squeegee that chair with no harm to the chair whatsoever.

NOTE: If you’ve been using this same squeegee in the shower, make sure you wash it off before using it on furniture. You don’t want to transfer cleaning chemicals from the shower walls to a chair. It could stain.

For this reason, I recommend buying a squeegee or a ChomChom that you will only use for catching pet hair. This is a quick way to clean up before company arrives.

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Pet Hair Removal Tip – Fabric Softener Fabric softener for pet hair removal

Now there are some fine fibers and fabrics that have pet hair embedded in them. No matter how long you vacuum there will still be pet hair. 

These fine fabrics you’ll find if you lift up the cushion on your sofas. This is fabric stitched to the leather edges. Or the bottoms of the chair cushions. You’ll also find impossible to clean carpets in your car and the car seats.

Got cat and dog embedded in the fabric and nothing will remove except fabric softener and a pumice stone. 

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Pumice Stone for Pet Hair RemovalPet Hair Removal Tip – Pumice Stone

The fabric softener and pumice stone are the two tips recommended for homeowners. This job does not fall into the realm of routine cleaning – and thus not a job for a professional house cleaner.

Take an empty spray bottle and mix it 7 parts water to 1-part fabric softener. 

So, this will make the area smell nice and will also moisten it just a little bit.

Once it’s moistened just a little bit you can brush the pet hair covered area with a pumice stone. A pumice stone is a heavy stone that is porous like a sponge. 

And just like you do with the nitrile gloves, you’ll start at the top and brush in a downward direction. 
Don’t go back and forth. Don’t go in a circle. Start at the top and scrape downward. All the pet fur will end up in a glob at the bottom. And you can vacuum up the pet hair with your vacuum attachment.

Pumice Stone Warning Pet Hair on Carpet

Now if you’re going to use the fabric softener and the pumice stone I have to give you a warning.

You’ll want to always leave yourself a 1-inch frame around the area that you are scraping. This is to prevent the pumice stone coming in contact with the edges of your furniture or car. Since pumice is a stone, it will scratch wooden furniture, leather car seats, plastic siding in car trunks, and car doors. 

So leave yourself a 1-inch frame and then use your rubber pet hair removal brush or your nitrile gloves to clean that one-inch frame.

The Seven Ways of Pet Hair Removal

#1: The Nitrile Gloves

#2: The Rubber Brush with the bendy bristlesChomChom Pet hair remover trash bin

#3: The Squeegee

#4: The Fabric Softener and

#5: The Pumice Stone

#6:  The ChomChom Roller 

#7:  Your vacuum Hose with Attachment.

Those are your seven ways to get rid of pet hair from your house. Remove it from your car, from your furniture, and from your carpets. These seven methods all work. 

So try them all and find the way you like the best. And you won’t be carrying all that extra pet hair with you on your clothes when you go out on the town. Woohoo!

Alrighty, so that’s it for today. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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