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When Customers Don't Pay Woman with Overdue Bills - Featured

When Customers Don’t Pay

What do you do when customers don’t pay? You’re there to do house cleaning, not bill collections. Do you charge late fees for late payment or worse, no pay? And do you keep cleaning when customers don’t pay and just send them an invoice?

 On your walkthrough, there needs to be an agreement of payment terms. Deposit upfront for move in-move outs. Cash on demand (C.O.D.) or a credit card on file for all customers. And clarify you’re not a bill collector when you give the bid or the job estimate. Theft of services is a real bugaboo. No pay, no cleaning.

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Rules and Guidelines for Maids and Housekeepers

Rules and guidelines can streamline your turnover service.  Maids and housekeepers need rules and guidelines so things don’t get crazy in their cleaning business.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says every maid service has scheduling issues and cancellations. Know your rules and guidelines and share them with your customers and employees and Airbnb hosts.

Ask a House Cleaner, Good Time to Quit, Savvy Cleaner

When is a Good Time to Quit a Cleaning Client?

When is a good time to quit a cleaning client? It’s a tough call when you have to make the decision. A good time to quit is when your gut instinct or intuition kicks in and makes you want to end the contract.
We Ask a House Cleaner business advice for house cleaners and maids.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says more questions are part of finding a good time to quit. Don’t just quit a cleaning client or stop working for a client. It’s a business decision that needs attention.
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Ask a House Cleaner, Always Late, Savvy Cleaner

Late. Absent. Running Behind Schedule – My Maid is Late Again!

Late. Absent. Running behind schedule. Cleaning customers lament that their house cleaners and maids are unreliable. What ever happened to punctuality, consistency, and dependability? Homeowners have places to go. But if the house cleaner is constantly a no show – why would give them a key and more trust for their homes? In today’s episode of Ask a House Cleaner, we look at the cost of being tardy or postponing your client’s cleaning.

Customer service is all about being precise, early or showing up right on time.

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